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Merck Chief Emphasizes Role of Private Sector in Health Care at Technology Forum

“Preserving the strong and positive role of the private sector—including my own industry—is the key to addressing the pressing healthcare concerns we face in America today,” Raymond V. Gilmartin, president, chairman and chief executive officer of Merck & Co., Inc. told the more than 200 individuals who attended the Technology and Society Forum on Feb. 23, 2005. In his talk, “A Prescription for Change in U.S. Health Care,” Gilmartin recommended that government should work with—not dictate to—private industry, and that the solutions to the healthcare challenges our country faces today will not be found solely in the office of a government agency, “but in the same places the answers to yesterday’s challenges were found—in the pharmaceutical and biotech research labs, the medical schools, the doctors’ offices, and the hospitals that have brought about the most remarkable revolution in health care any society has ever seen.”