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Dec 19, 2005: NJIT’s Communications Group Receives Awards For Exemplary Work
Dec 16, 2005: Randal Pinkett, Founder of NJIT Business Incubator Company, Hired as "The Apprentice"
Dec 09, 2005: Yankees Manager Joe Torre Visits NJIT To Announce Long-Term Partnership Between NJIT Baseball and Newark Bears
Dec 06, 2005: NJIT Distinguished Professor Honored by IEEE for Contributions to Publications
Dec 06, 2005: NJIT Honors Art Dealer and Alumnus Albert Scaglione
Dec 06, 2005: Yankee Manager Joe Torre to Visit NJIT
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Dec 02, 2005: NJIT Mathematician Receives Fulbright To Study Thin Film Science in Argentina
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Nov 30, 2005: High School Students Can Take Free College Classes at NJIT: New Enrichment Program Seeks to Cultivate In Students a Love of Science and Technology
Nov 29, 2005: Weekend University at NJIT Helps Working Adults Return to College
Nov 22, 2005: $1 Million Howard Hughes Medical Institute Grant To Fund Joint Neuroscience Program
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Nov 22, 2005: NJIT Professor Honored by Urban Land Institute for Promoting Smart Land Use
Nov 22, 2005: NJIT Study Shows Nanoparticles Could Damage Plant life
Nov 17, 2005: NJIT Engineers Use New Technology To Help Children with Cerebral Palsy
Nov 15, 2005: NJIT Math Club Constructs a Foucault’s Pendulum To Demonstrate Earth's Rotation
Nov 14, 2005: First Stryker Employees Complete an On-Site NJIT Executive MBA Program
Nov 09, 2005: Historian at NJIT Will Discuss Disseminating Scientific Knowledge in 19th Century
Nov 07, 2005: The Albert Dorman Honors College Celebrates 10th Anniversary
Nov 01, 2005: Tips from NJIT for Women Inventors Who Want To Succeed
Oct 31, 2005: NJIT Hosts Fall Open House
Oct 31, 2005: NJIT Physicist Sees Terahertz Imaging As Ultimate Defense Against Terrorism
Oct 31, 2005: NJIT Names New Building After President Emeritus, Saul K Fenster
Oct 28, 2005: NJIT To Host Career Fair: Strong Job Market Beckons
Oct 27, 2005: Senior Scientist To Discuss the Challenges of Sustainable Urban Development
Oct 27, 2005: William McDonough Speaks at NJIT: Discusses Ecologically Intelligent Design
Oct 27, 2005: AAAS Elects NJIT Professor as Fellow for Math Modeling Research on the Brain
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Oct 27, 2005: NJIT University Convocation Marks the Start of the School Year and Honors Teachers, Students and Staff
Oct 25, 2005: ASM International To Offer One-Day Materials Education Institute Course at NJIT
Oct 25, 2005: Phillip Rinaldi, Former CEO of Coffeyville Resources, Honored by NJIT
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Oct 25, 2005: NJIT Honors the Pepsi Bottling Group as Outstanding Corporate Partner
Oct 24, 2005: Amy Pappas, of Tenafly, To Receive Outstanding Alumna Award from NJIT
Oct 21, 2005: Recent NJIT Graduate To Receive an Award from AIChE
Oct 21, 2005: NJIT Hosts Upcoming Innovative Environmental Technologies Conference
Oct 19, 2005: Prominent Critic To Lecture at NJIT’s New Jersey School of Architecture
Oct 19, 2005: Senior Scientist To Discuss the Challenges of Sustainable Urban Development
Oct 19, 2005: NJIT To Name Hall for President Emeritus Saul K. Fenster
Oct 19, 2005: NJIT To Host Environmental Conference on Oct. 26
Oct 17, 2005: NJIT Professor John Bechtold Named Master Teacher
Oct 17, 2005: NJIT Distinguished Professor Named Master Teacher
Oct 14, 2005: NJIT Student Erica D’Almeida Receives Presidential Leadership Award
Oct 14, 2005: NJIT Student Diana Martinez Receives Peter Small Memorial Scholarship
Oct 14, 2005: Recent NJIT Graduate Receives Presidential Leadership Award
Oct 14, 2005: NJIT Professor of Physics Recognized for Research
Oct 13, 2005: NJIT Faculty Receives Excellent Teacher Award
Oct 13, 2005: New Jersey Institute of Technology Staff Member Receives Diversity Award
Oct 12, 2005: Lack of Dependability in User-Developed Software Can be Costly
Oct 12, 2005: Using Information Technology to Coordinate Emergency Management
Oct 12, 2005: Durgamadhab Misra, PhD Receives Excellent Teacher Award
Oct 12, 2005: John Bechtold, PhD Receives Excellent Teacher Award
Oct 12, 2005: Ivan Zorych, PhD, Receives Excellent Teacher Award
Oct 12, 2005: Jacob Klapper, PhD Receives Excellent Teacher Award
Oct 12, 2005: NJIT Faculty Member Receives Excellent Teacher Award
Oct 11, 2005: Edward Ludwig, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of BD to Speak at New Jersey Institute of Technology
Oct 10, 2005: Dimitrios Theodoratos, PhD Receives Excellent Teacher Award
Oct 10, 2005: NJIT Students Can Now Receive Teacher Certification Through Collaborative Program With Rutgers-Newark
Oct 10, 2005: Biomedical Engineering Pioneer, an Associate Dean at NJIT To Receive Research Award
Oct 10, 2005: NJIT Professor Elected Fellow of Biomedical Engineering Society
Oct 06, 2005: NJIT Architect Makes Art from Objects Found at Newark's Former Pabst Brewery
Oct 05, 2005: Students to Build Catapults from Junk Piles during NJIT Day
Oct 04, 2005: Defense Center at NJIT Draws Satisfied Customers at Annual Signing
Oct 04, 2005: NJIT Student Chapter of Amnesty International To Host Human Rights Discussion on Oct. 5
Oct 03, 2005: Prominent Architect and Designer To Discuss the Use of Technology in Creativity
Sep 26, 2005: Noted Engineer, NSF Leader, Penn Professor Joseph Bordogna To Speak at University Convocation
Sep 23, 2005: Three NJIT Experts Available to Discuss Sewer and Underground Utilities, Levee Rebuilding and Waste Water Problems in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina
Sep 23, 2005: Everything You Need to Know About Levees: A Question and Answer Analysis by NJIT Civil Engineer John Schuring
Sep 23, 2005: NJIT Stem Cell Researcher and Presidential Award Winner Attends NAE Symposium
Sep 21, 2005: MailCall at NJIT Offers First: Stock Market Reports Over the Telephone
Sep 19, 2005: During a Lecture at NJIT, a Prominent Oil Expert Warns that World Oil Production Will Peak in November 2005
Sep 16, 2005: NJIT To Meet with Senegalese Educators at Newark’s West Side High
Sep 16, 2005: Computer Scientists To Talk at NJIT about Monitoring Disasters and More
Sep 13, 2005: Randal Pinkett of NJIT To Compete Sept. 22 on TV's "The Apprentice"
Sep 13, 2005: NJIT Professor, a Wireless Expert, To Head National Science Foundation Program
Sep 09, 2005: Congressman Robert Menendez To Host Homeland Security Forum and Panel Discussion on Sept. 12
Sep 09, 2005: Four NJIT Experts Available To Discuss Sewer and Underground Utilities, Levee Rebuilding and Waste Water
Sep 07, 2005: NJIT Water Expert Says the New Orleans Floodwater Must Be Pumped Out of the City Before a Clean-Up Can Occur
Sep 06, 2005: NJIT President Welcomes Students With Free Breakfast and a Warm Handshake
Sep 06, 2005: NJIT Welcomes Class of 2009 With a Revitalized Campus
Sep 03, 2005: NJIT’s Levee Expert John Schuring Can Discuss Flooding Caused By Katrina
Sep 03, 2005: NJIT’s Waste Water Management Expert Can Discuss Treatment of Infected Flood Water in Hurricane’s Wake
Sep 01, 2005: NJIT Establishes Hurricane Relief Fund
Sep 01, 2005: NJIT President, A Former Mississippi State University Official, Offers Visiting Status To Students Affected By Hurricane
Aug 31, 2005: Prominent Geologist To Discuss the Impending Global Oil Shortage at NJIT
Aug 29, 2005: NJIT Cited for Innovative Teaching of Architecture by Campus Technology
Aug 18, 2005: New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Fall Festival – NJIT Day - Features a Catapult Contest, Soccer, Live Music and Food
Tagged: students
Aug 16, 2005: Silicon Valley Patent Attorney To Receive NJIT’s Highest Honor
Aug 10, 2005: The Sky’s the Limit: Solar Roof Powers the NJIT Campus Center
Aug 09, 2005: Wanted: Companies To License Life-Saving Breath Test Developed at NJIT
Aug 09, 2005: NJIT Ranked Ninth in the Nation for Graduating African-American Engineers
Tagged: joel bloom
Aug 09, 2005: NJIT Entrepreneurs Demonstrate Their Inventions for Science Commission
Aug 08, 2005: New Computerized System at NJIT Accelerates Student Employment Process
Aug 03, 2005: 155 Minority Students Graduate Tomorrow From EOP Boot Camp at NJIT
Jul 27, 2005: New Providence Resident Retires From NJIT
Jul 27, 2005: State’s Only Accredited Information Systems Program at NJIT Gets New Chair
Jul 21, 2005: New Jersey Institute of Technology Trustees Approve Raising Tuition for New School Year
Tagged: tuition
Jul 20, 2005: Academic Boot Camp: Transforming the Lives of Inner-City Students
Jul 19, 2005: NJIT’s Math Department Chair Becomes Computer Sciences Leader
Jul 19, 2005: FEMME Program at NJIT Helps Girls Overcome Gender Gap in Math and Science
Jul 18, 2005: NJIT Technology Specialist Feted By International Computer Group
Jul 07, 2005: High School Students Win an Unusual Design Contest at NJIT
Jul 06, 2005: Future Architects Build Meditation Rooms With Boxes at NJIT
Jun 28, 2005: NJIT Promotes Cliffside Park Resident With Expertise in Planned Giving
Jun 22, 2005: NJIT Professor Pioneers New Way to Teach Engineers
Jun 22, 2005: Electronic Connectivity Isn’t All That Great, Warns Computer Guru at NJIT Talk
Jun 20, 2005: NJIT Small Biz Expert Bruce Kirchhoff Supports High Tech for Jobs and Revenues
Jun 16, 2005: NJIT To Host a Mixer on Its Solar Roof Today To Promote Solar Energy
Jun 16, 2005: NJIT Students To Compete in Mini-Baja Car Race
Jun 15, 2005: NJIT Associate Dean Receives Doctorate
Jun 15, 2005: New Jersey Grant Helps Small Business Incubator at NJIT To Expand Offerings
Jun 15, 2005: More than 1,500 New Jersey Institute of Technology Students Make the Dean's List
Tagged: students
Jun 09, 2005: NJIT Confers 161 Degrees on Middlesex and Union County Area Residents During 2005 Commencement
Tagged: commencement
Jun 09, 2005: Blogger Billy McDermott Offers How-To Tips at NJIT Management Seminar
Jun 08, 2005: Motivational Speakers, Business Tips Encourage Entrepreneurs at NJIT Event
Jun 08, 2005: NJIT Student Named Fellow by N.J. Commission on Science and Technology
Jun 06, 2005: NJIT’s Campus Center To Be Featured on "The Sopranos"
Jun 03, 2005: NJIT Confers 127 Degrees on Bergen and Passaic County Residents During 2005 Commencement
Tagged: commencement
Jun 03, 2005: NJIT Launches a Weekend University To Help Working Adults Return to College
May 27, 2005: NJIT Confers 1,821 Degrees at 2005 Commencement Ceremony
May 26, 2005: High Schools Compete In NJIT Computer Programming Contest: Fair Lawn, Madison and Bergen County Academies Take Top Awards
May 23, 2005: Pharmaceutical Engineering Students Test Equipment, Purify DNA
May 19, 2005: Three Highlanders Named All-NJCBA
May 19, 2005: Sanmi Koyejo to Graduate from NJIT at the Top of His NJIT Class: a Long Journey from Nigeria to Newark
May 19, 2005: Biren Bhatt, a Student of Intellect and Social Conscience, to Graduate from NJIT
May 19, 2005: More than 250 Experts Attend NJIT’s Math Conference
May 18, 2005: Polymer Expert Writes Text About Better, Inexpensive Ways to Create Plastic
May 18, 2005: Rivka Stone to Graduate from NJIT with a Perfect Record
May 17, 2005: Venezuelan Immigrant to Graduate at the Top of His NJIT Class
May 17, 2005: NJIT Professor’s New Book Adds Insight to SAT Writing Sample Debate
Tagged: humanities
May 17, 2005: Albert Dorman Honors College at NJIT Awarded Guidant Foundation Grant
May 16, 2005: NJIT Student Team Travels to Washington to Compete in Environmental Contest
May 12, 2005: Student, A Young Mother, Will Graduate at the Top of Her Class
May 11, 2005: NJIT Architecture Students Help to Redevelop and Revitalize Paterson
May 11, 2005: NJIT Research Professor Receives Highest Honor from Society of Plastics Engineers
May 11, 2005: International Math Conference Begins Friday at NJIT
Tagged: mathematics
May 06, 2005: NJIT Announces Enrichment Program for High School Students Who Love Science
Tagged: step
May 05, 2005: NJIT Professor Continues a Tradition of Leadership in Architectural Design Computing
May 04, 2005: New Jersey Institute of Technology Honors East Orange Resident
May 04, 2005: New Jersey Institute of Technology Fetes Alums From Kearny, Maryland
May 04, 2005: Graduate Students From Lodi, Scotch Plains, Kearny Feted at NJIT
May 04, 2005: Professors From Ridgewood, Pine Brook and Colonia Feted at NJIT
Tagged: ken chin
May 03, 2005: NJIT Digital Poetry Expert Receives Fulbright to Study in Malaysia
Apr 28, 2005: Arthur Ryan, Chairman and CEO of Prudential Financial, Inc., to Speak at Commencement
Tagged: commencement
Apr 25, 2005: NJIT Seminar to Discuss How to Do Business in China
Apr 19, 2005: NJIT Humanities Professor Explains Bird Songs With Science, Poetry, Music
Apr 19, 2005: NJIT Professor Walter Konon Says 9/11 Altered How Engineers Think and Teach
Apr 19, 2005: NJIT Professor Raj Khera Wins Teaching Award
Apr 19, 2005: NJIT Professor Gets Teaching Award Thanks To Students' Rave Reviews
Apr 18, 2005: Architecture Students Learn, Brick by Brick, from Masons
Apr 15, 2005: Fadi Deek Appointed Dean of CSLA
Apr 12, 2005: Alum Who Invented Digital Green Card Named NJIT Research Professor
Apr 11, 2005: Establishing Trust Online Is Critical For Online Communication Say NJIT Experts
Apr 11, 2005: NJIT Teaches Students How to Wear Moon suits and Handle Hazardous Waste
Apr 11, 2005: CyberExtruder Exec Lauds Capstone Program at NJIT and Donates $10,000
Apr 07, 2005: NJIT Physics Professor Discusses Global Warming at Technology and Society Forum njit
Apr 06, 2005: Nine Students from NJIT Win Top Academic Awards
Apr 05, 2005: NJIT Appoints Director of Special Events
Tagged: eladio ruiz
Apr 05, 2005: New Jersey Project Spring Conference at NJIT to Focus on Gender and Diversity Issues
Tagged: diversity
Apr 05, 2005: NJIT Math Professor Helps Navy Detect Subs; Explains Global Warming
Tagged: mathematics
Apr 05, 2005: NJIT Students Present Research during Provost’s Student Research Day
Apr 04, 2005: NJIT to Honor Colonel Ellen Pawlikowski with Outstanding Alumna Award
Apr 01, 2005: Anthony Donofrio, a Chief Supply Chain Officer, to Receive Award from NJIT
Tagged: nce
Apr 01, 2005: NJIT Students Learn, Brick by Brick, from Masonry Craftsmen
Apr 01, 2005: Michael J. Pappas, Designer of the New Jersey Knee, to Receive Award from NJIT
Tagged: nce
Mar 31, 2005: State Senate Leader Paul Sarlo To Be Honored by NJIT
Tagged: nce
Mar 29, 2005: Campus Landscape Designs Unveiled to University Community
Mar 28, 2005: NJIT Architecture Students Learn, Brick by Brick, From Masons
Tagged: njsoa
Mar 23, 2005: NJIT Team Designs Driverless Vehicle to Enter the DARPA Grand Challenge
Mar 22, 2005: NJIT Presidential Award Winner Takes Stem Cell Research Another Step
Mar 18, 2005: NJIT Professor to Discuss Global Warming at Technology and Society Forum
Mar 18, 2005: NJIT Taps into Solar Energy to Power New Campus Center
Mar 17, 2005: NJIT Chemists Modify Carbon Nanotubes Using Microwaves
Mar 16, 2005: NJIT Hosts Computer Programming Contest for High School Students
Mar 14, 2005: NJIT Math Professor Predicts 2005 Major League Baseball Season
Mar 11, 2005: NJIT to Host TEAMS Competition for 27 High Schools
Mar 10, 2005: Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers to Host Regional Student Leadership Conference
Mar 09, 2005: Two Free Lectures at NJIT: Global Warming and Science Education
Mar 09, 2005: NJIT Researcher Creates Research Opportunities for Chiral Ionic Liquids
Mar 09, 2005: Coached by NJIT, Nine Newark High Schools to Compete in Robotics Contest
Tagged: newark
Mar 07, 2005: NJIT Authority on E-Learning Takes Prestigious Sloan Honor
Mar 01, 2005: NJIT Signs Joint Admissions Agreement with the County College of Morris
Feb 28, 2005: NJIT Receives $50,000 Grant from UPS
Feb 25, 2005: NJIT Cryptography Expert Elected Fellow of European Academy
Feb 21, 2005: NJIT Professor’s Book Refines Formula To Create High-Performance School Buildings
Feb 18, 2005: NJIT Director to Advise Kazakhstan on How to Reform Its Universities
Feb 17, 2005: NJIT Professor, Andover Township Resident, Receives Career Award from National Science Foundation
Tagged: tara alvarez
Feb 16, 2005: Merck CEO Raymond Gilmartin to Lecture at NJIT
Feb 15, 2005: NJIT Appoints Development Director for Engineering and Management Schools
Feb 15, 2005: NJIT Appoints Development Director for School of Architecture
Feb 11, 2005: NJIT to Host Computer Programming Contest for High School Students
Feb 10, 2005: NSF Executive Priscilla Nelson, Engineer, Appointed New Provost at NJIT
Tagged: provost
Feb 09, 2005: NJIT Dorman Honors College Student Awarded Full Scholarship to UMDNJ
Feb 03, 2005: Cirincione Lecture on Nuclear Non-Proliferation To Be Webcast Live on Feb. 7, 11:30 a.m-1 p.m.
Feb 02, 2005: Shawn Chester Graduates from NJIT with a Record of Excellence
Jan 31, 2005: NJIT School of Architecture Graduate Named Intern of the Year by the American Institute of Architect
Jan 28, 2005: NJIT Hosts Biomedical Engineering Showcase and Career Fair
Jan 26, 2005: Infineum Public Affairs Manager Joins the NJIT Board of Trustees
Jan 26, 2005: NJIT Interim Provost Appointed Student Affairs Council Chair for National College Association
Jan 24, 2005: Students Graduate from Albert Dorman Honors College at NJIT
Jan 21, 2005: Nuclear Proliferation Expert to Speak at NJIT
Jan 21, 2005: NJIT Professor Receives NSF Career Award for Emergency Response Research
Jan 21, 2005: Financier and Banker Arthur F. Powell Joins NJIT Board of Trustees
Jan 20, 2005: NJIT Expert Recommends 16 Easy, Affordable Ways To Make Homes Safer for People With Disabilities
Jan 13, 2005: NJIT To Host FIRST Robotics Competition for Newark Middle Schools
Tagged: newark
Jan 12, 2005: NJIT Students Create On-line Alternative to Buying Textbooks
Tagged: students
Jan 11, 2005: NJIT Astrophysicist Who Revived Earthshine Named Fellow of American Physical Society
Jan 07, 2005: NJIT Appoints Development Director of Albert Dorman Honors College
Jan 07, 2005: New Jersey Institute of Technology Hosts FIRST Robotics Kick Off Event