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NJIT Math Professor Named 2010 MLB Predictions Champ

Baseball PhD, based in Cleveland, has named NJIT Associate Professor Bruce Bukiet, its 2010 Predictions Champ, http://tinyurl.com/38tonqw based on Bukiet’s predictions of Major League Baseball wins. This past year most of Bukiet’s picks were right, although that’s not always the case.    The indefatigable and popular math teacher, who signs his email “a day without math is like a day without sunshine,” has spent the past decade combining his love of baseball with his similar strong feelings about math. 

“I am honored to be recognized by Baseball PhD,” said Bukiet. “I send out these predictions not only because I like spending time thinking about baseball and which team will win.  I also feel this is a way of showing people everywhere how math intersects on a daily basis with their lives and how people use math daily and often don’t realize it.”

Bukiet received NJIT's Excellence in Teaching Award for outstanding work in 2006. He is also associate dean of the College of Science and Liberal Arts and associate professor in the department of mathematical sciences. “Bruce makes mastering mathematics fun,” said Fadi Deek, dean of the college. “To Bruce, teaching and learning is a game where he is the coach and every student is a winning team member.”

BaseballPhd.net is an Internet social network offering baseball fans a place to participate in podcasts, learn more about baseball and each Major League City, offer travel suggestions and receive help from its trained staff on planning trips. Baseballphd.net also conducts tours of the various Major League ballparks.  Podcasts are broadcast over the Internet. One show is produced weekly. These shows consist of the hosts sharing their opinions and experiences with the audience. Each podcast focuses on what each Major League City offers to the baseball tourist and other topics associated with America’s  national pastime.

Bukiet’s research concerns the mathematical modeling of physical phenomena. Current interests include math and science education, and biomedical applications of mathematics, including dynamics of human balance and biological effects of massage therapy. He also works in the application of mathematical modeling for sports and gambling, in particular for understanding baseball.

His publications include: "A Mathematical Modeling Approach to One-Day Cricket Batting Orders" Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, Vol. 5, pp. 495-502, 2006 and "Viscoelastic Behavior of Human Fasciae under Extension in Manual Therapy," Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, Vol. 11, pp. 159-167, 2007.

Bukiet received his PhD in mathematics from the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University and his BA from Brown University.

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