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Dec 20, 2012: A Successful and Busy Semester for NJIT Students Enrolled in Concrete Industry Management (CIM) Program
Dec 19, 2012: NJIT NEXT Raises $100 Million
Dec 17, 2012: NJIT and Chinese Tech Institute Join Forces for 2013 Solar Decathlon in China
Dec 13, 2012: DesignIntelligence Names NJIT's Schuman One of 30 "Top Professors" for 2013
Dec 12, 2012: NJIT Professors and Students Working To Help NJ Recover After Sandy
Dec 07, 2012: Web Changing Rapidly; New NJIT Certificate Enables Professionals To Stay Ahead
Dec 06, 2012: 2013 Will Be a Good Year, NJIT Biz Professor Forecasts at Chicago Fed Board
Dec 03, 2012: Don't Miss NJIT's Upcoming Small Biz Procurement Fair Set for Jan. 24 in Atlantic City
Nov 29, 2012: NJIT Distinguished Professor Named Inaugural Fellow of Math Society
Nov 19, 2012: NJIT Civil Engineer Receives NSF Grant To Study Storm's Impact on Jersey Shore
Nov 16, 2012: NJIT Volunteers Combat Sandy, Providing Aid to Newark Area Victims
Nov 14, 2012: NJIT Expert Advises on the Dos and Don'ts of Building in Hurricane-Prone Areas
Nov 09, 2012: NJIT Trustees Fete Ansari, Lanzerotti for NJ Inventors Hall of Fame Honors
Nov 09, 2012: NJIT Professors Received Last Night Coveted Edison Awards at R&D Council Event
Nov 07, 2012: NJIT Professor Promotes Building Material of Millennium: Autoclave Aerated Concrete
Oct 26, 2012: NJIT Celebration 2012 Coming Up Nov. 2, 2012
Oct 24, 2012: NJIT Professors To Receive Coveted Edison Awards at R&D Council Event
Oct 24, 2012: NJIT Researchers and Alums Are Feted by NJ Inventors Hall of Fame
Oct 23, 2012: NJIT Math Professor Calls Detroit Tigers a Favorite to Win World Series
Oct 23, 2012: NJ-HITEC Ranked First in the Nation in Assisting Physicians Implement Health Information Technology
Oct 16, 2012: TEDxNJIT Event on Nov. 1
Oct 15, 2012: Inaugural ManufactureNJ Week Connects Manufacturers with Schools and Talent
Oct 11, 2012: NJIT Oct. 17 Career Fair To Attract Some 2000 Students; 175 Employers
Oct 11, 2012: NJIT Featured In The Princeton Review's "Best 296 Business Schools: 2013 Edition"
Oct 10, 2012: Catalent Licenses Innovative Taste-Masking Technology for Bitter Drugs Following R&D Collaboration with NJIT
Oct 08, 2012: Advantages, Challenges of Cloud Computing Discussed Oct. 10 at NJIT
Oct 05, 2012: Inventor of World's Smallest Probe on Nano Scale Receives NJIT Top Honor
Oct 05, 2012: NJIT Mathematician Receives NSF Grant To Study Interaction of Skin and Surfactants
Oct 04, 2012: Tonight NJIT Researcher Who Invented A Method for Fabricating Arrays of the World's Smallest Probe for Investigating Electrical Properties of Living Cells to Receive NJIT Overseers Award
Oct 01, 2012: Researcher Who Invented A Method for Fabricating Arrays of the World's Smallest Probe for Investigating Electrical Properties of Living Cells to Receive NJIT Overseers Award
Sep 20, 2012: NJIT Picks Winner: Up for Emmy is WTC Movie Sponsored by NJIT
Sep 14, 2012: Dr. Joel S. Bloom Installed Sept. 14, 2012 as 8th President of NJIT
Sep 12, 2012: Installation of NJIT President Joel S. Bloom Set for Sept. 14, 2012
Sep 12, 2012: U.S. News Once Again Names NJIT Among Nation's Best National Universities
Sep 11, 2012: MEDIA ADVISORY: NJIT Convocation Tomorrow Promises Bright New Start: New President Speaks
Sep 10, 2012: NJIT Included in Highly Selective Fiske Guide to Colleges
Sep 10, 2012: NJIT Featured in Princeton Review's The Best 377 Colleges-2013 Edition
Sep 07, 2012: Symposium on Sustainability To Feature Three New NJIT Faculty
Sep 06, 2012: Corporate Engineer and NJIT Alum Sean Duffy To Speak at NJIT Convocation
Sep 06, 2012: The History of 3D Film: Starring Newark and New York
Aug 31, 2012: NJIT Appoints New VP with Decades of Student Support, Academic Services Work
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Aug 31, 2012: Lanzerotti's Launch Makes It: Wee Hour Party at NJIT Sees Atlas V Take-Off
Aug 30, 2012: Catalin Turc Appointed Associate Professor at NJIT: Research Focus is Computational Electromagnetics and Acoustics
Aug 30, 2012: Statistician Ji Meng Loh Appointed to NJIT Faculty as Associate Professor
Aug 30, 2012: Historian Alison Lefkovitz Appointed to NJIT Faculty
Aug 30, 2012: New Faculty Member Keith Krumwiede To Head Graduate Architecture Program
Aug 30, 2012: Simon Garnier Appointed Assistant Professor at NJIT: Research Focus is Bio-Cellular Sensing
Aug 30, 2012: Animal Behavior Expert Eric Fortune Appointed to NJIT Faculty
Aug 30, 2012: NJIT Appoints Lian Duan, Cloud Computing Expert, As Assistant Professor
Aug 30, 2012: Cristiano L. Dias, Molecular Bio Physics Expert, Appointed to NJIT
Aug 30, 2012: Dynamic Pricing Expert Wenbo Selina Cai Joins NJIT Faculty
Aug 28, 2012: NJIT's Convocation Recognizes 2012 Top Performers: Professors, Staff, Students
Aug 28, 2012: Installation of NJIT President Joel S. Bloom Set for Sept. 14, 2012
Aug 21, 2012: NJIT Students Invited to Create Personal Electronic Health Records
Tagged: nj-hitec, ehr
Aug 21, 2012: Middle States Accredits NJIT; Compliments University on Disproportionate Impact in Higher Education, Given Its Means
Aug 16, 2012: Xiaoning Ding, Expert in Multi-core Computer Systems, Appointed
Aug 16, 2012: Wen Zhang, Expert in Environmental Systems, Appointed
Aug 16, 2012: Songhua Xu, Expert in Healthcare Business Systems, Appointed
Aug 16, 2012: Mei Liu, Expert in Healthcare Analytics, Appointed
Aug 16, 2012: Bernadette Longo, PhD, Expert in Technical Communications, Appointed
Aug 16, 2012: Jesse LeCavalier, Architect With Interests in Logistics and Urbanism, Appointed
Aug 15, 2012: James Cicon, Expert in Energy Industry Business Systems, Appointed
Aug 15, 2012: Cesar Bandera, Expert in Mobile Health, Appointed
Aug 15, 2012: Abdallah Khreishah, PhD, Expert in Computer Networking, Appointed
Aug 14, 2012: Martina Decker, Expert in Sustainable Building Design, Appointed
Aug 14, 2012: Michel Boufadel, PhD, Expert in Field of Oil Spill Research, Appointed
Aug 14, 2012: Bharat Biswal, Expert in Cellular Neural Engineering, Appointed
Aug 14, 2012: New NJIT Faculty Will Energize Interdisciplinary Vision
Aug 08, 2012: NJIT Scientist Creates Instrument for NASA Aug. 23 Launch To Better Understand Space Weather and Radiation Environment That Caused Demise of Telstar I
Aug 02, 2012: NJIT Enterprise Development Center Receives International Honor
Aug 02, 2012: Boys and Girls Build Roller Coasters, Tie-Dye T-Shirts Learning Hands-On Science
Jul 26, 2012: NJIT Hosts Fifth Annual International Summer Research Symposium
Jul 26, 2012: NJIT Ranked Third in the Nation for Graduating Hispanic Engineers
Jul 25, 2012: NJIT's Mike Jaffe To Be Named Fellow of the American Chemical Society
Jul 23, 2012: NJ-HITEC Ranked Second in the Nation in Assisting Physicians Implement Health Information Technology
Jul 17, 2012: NJIT Raises Undergraduate In-State Tuition and Fees by $766 annually for Upcoming Fall
Jul 17, 2012: Three New Jersey Universities Now Accepting Submissions to the New Jersey Apps Challenge: New Jersey Institute of Technology, Stevens and Rutgers Open Mobile Apps Development Comp
Jul 17, 2012: PayScale Ranks NJIT in Top 4 Percent for ROI Among US Colleges, Universities
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Jul 11, 2012: NJIT Welcomes Bernard Harris, the First African-American To Walk in Space
Jun 28, 2012: Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno Visits Enterprise Development Center at NJIT Culminating Statewide Life Sciences Tour
Jun 12, 2012: Newark Soap Box Derby Returns June 16, Following 60-Year Hiatus
Jun 12, 2012: NJIT Management Researcher Receives Kudos for Paper Touting Employee Talent
Jun 11, 2012: NJIT Designer Creates an Ergonomic Chair for Musicians
Jun 05, 2012: NJIT Architect Designs Award-Winning House That Looks Like an Igloo
May 31, 2012: Build Better Buildings for Extreme Climates, Says NJIT Researcher
May 22, 2012: NJIT Professor To Head Journal Bridging Worlds of Medicine and Engineering
May 17, 2012: 35th Annual Sarnoff Symposium Opens at NJIT Featuring 60-Plus Expert Talks
May 16, 2012: NJIT Confers 2,444 Degrees During 2012 Commencement
May 16, 2012: NJIT Salutes Students Who Gave So Much to University with Highlander Awards
May 14, 2012: Four Graduating Female NJIT Seniors Want To Make a Difference
May 11, 2012: NJIT Lovebirds Overcome Obstacles To Graduate Summa Cum Laude Engineers
May 11, 2012: MEDIA ADVISORY: NJIT Sponsors P2B Event with NJ DOL To Help 300 Unemployed Volunteer Professionals
May 10, 2012: Technology Leader Hassan To Receive Honorary Degree at NJIT Commencement
May 10, 2012: NJIT Submits Neshanic River Watershed Clean-up Plan
May 10, 2012: NJIT Hemophilia Expert To Speak at Medical History Society on May 16
May 08, 2012: Brazilian Native Tackles NJIT Academic Life To Graduate With Honors May 15
May 02, 2012: NJIT Associate Professor Receives Today NIH Grant To Study Membrane Proteins
May 01, 2012: NJIT Author To Discuss Newest Book at Morris Museum on May 9
May 01, 2012: NJIT Professor Awarded Patent Today for New Desalination Devices, More
Apr 24, 2012: Miracle at Cook's Pond: NJIT Takes First Place at Concrete Canoe Comp
Apr 20, 2012: Future of Green Wireless Networks Will Be Focus of NJIT Talk
Apr 20, 2012: NJIT Electrical Engineers Feature Talks on MIMO Radar, Optical-OFDM, More
Apr 18, 2012: NJIT, China's Bengbu Glass Institute Sign Agreement for R&D, Training
Apr 13, 2012: New Publications on Disability Rights by NJIT's Doris Zames Fleischer, PhD
Apr 13, 2012: ABET Names NJIT Civil Engineer and Fellow to Prestigious Commission
Apr 12, 2012: NJIT Participates in Summer Food Service Program
Apr 12, 2012: MEDIA ADVISORY: NJIT Invites Editors, Reporters, Producers To Ground-Breaking
Apr 10, 2012: Kudos for 3 NJIT Enterprise Development Center High-Tech Companies
Apr 05, 2012: Interior Design Students at NJIT Volunteer for Mahwah Dream Room Makeover
Apr 04, 2012: NJIT Researcher Joins Disaster Response Researchers at Portuguese Workshop
Apr 04, 2012: NJIT Partners with Alcoa Foundation for RecycleMania Campus Recycling Challenge
Apr 03, 2012: MEDIA ADVISORY: NJIT Teaches Students How to Wear Moon Suits and Handle Hazardous Waste
Mar 30, 2012: Leir Center for Financial Bubble Research Opens at NJIT
Mar 29, 2012: NJIT Mathematician Publishes 2012 Major League Baseball Projections
Mar 27, 2012: Creator of New Museum of Math To Speak at NJIT
Mar 27, 2012: NJIT's Newark College of Engineering To Honor Alums, Students, Faculty, Staff
Mar 26, 2012: NJIT Author To Speak at UNC About Hemophilia
Mar 22, 2012: Video Game Design at NJIT Takes Top Honor from Princeton Review
Mar 22, 2012: NJIT Architect's New Orleans Design Efforts Featured in New Book on Roles and Responsibilities of Architects in Disaster Recovery
Mar 14, 2012: NJIT Math Professor Who Researches Neural Oscillations To Chair NIH Committee
Mar 13, 2012: NJIT Tech Forum Series: Paving the Way to a Smarter World: Creativity in Engineering Education
Mar 13, 2012: NJIT Senior Develops Web-Based List of Must-Read Books on Climate, More
Mar 09, 2012: Cranes, Bulldozers, Hard Hats Dot NJIT Campus as Building Begins for Village
Mar 07, 2012: Star-Ledger Names NJIT's Biomed Engineering Dep't Among State's 'Brainy Places'
Mar 01, 2012: The Story Under Your Nose: Performance, Poetry, Dialogue Arts Project at NJIT
Feb 29, 2012: NJIT Invites Manufacturers To Free Summit About Clean Energy
Feb 24, 2012: MEDIA ADVISORY: NJIT To Host on Feb. 29 Largest-Ever Spring Career Fair
Feb 22, 2012: US Labor Department Awards NJIT $5M To Create Tech Training Programs
Feb 22, 2012: NJIT Computer Scientist Advocates Deceleration of Science
Feb 16, 2012: $5 Million Gift To NJIT Stuns Development Officer
Feb 14, 2012: Live From Newark: TEDxNJIT Simulcast, March 23, 2012 to Viewers Worldwide
Feb 14, 2012: Five NJIT Architects and Designers Will Share Panel at Free Upcoming Talk
Feb 10, 2012: Survival of the Beautiful: Scientists and Artists Face Off on Aesthetics of Evolution
Feb 10, 2012: New Book about Fuzzy Hierarchical Decision Modeling from NJIT Professor: Book Illuminates What's Next in Telecommunications
Feb 09, 2012: NJIT Industrial Engineer Invited To Discuss Dynamic Pricing at Rutgers University
Feb 06, 2012: Free Spring Cultural Event Series at NJIT Opens Feb. 22 with Klang Quartet
Feb 02, 2012: 32 NJIT Students Design Glacier for Hip NY Fashion Week Runway Show
Jan 31, 2012: Free Bilingual Financial Aid Workshop at NJIT's College Goal Sunday
Jan 25, 2012: Love Design? NJIT's Free Architecture Lectures Featuring Top Pros Are the Ticket
Jan 24, 2012: NJIT Professor, Electrical Engineer, Petri Net Expert Named AAAS Fellow
Jan 20, 2012: NJIT Professor Publishes Seventh Poetry Collection
Jan 19, 2012: NJIT High Speed Rail Expert To Address DC Conference Next Week
Jan 17, 2012: NJIT's Top Newsmakers for 2011 Lauded
Jan 17, 2012: Q&A Featuring NJIT's New School of Management Dean: Pius J. Egbelu
Jan 10, 2012: Science Olympiad for North Jersey Schools Set for Jan. 12 at NJIT
Jan 10, 2012: NJIT Board of Trustees Appoints Joel Bloom President
Jan 06, 2012: Wayne Resident Becomes Associate Dean at NJIT's Newark College of Engineering
Jan 03, 2012: NJIT Receives Patent Today for New Shunt To Aid Brain-Injured Patients