NJIT Newsroom tagged with "cryptography" Updates about what's happening on and around the NJIT campus. http://www.njit.edu/news en-us 2014 New Jersey Institute of Technology http://www.njit.edu/uicomponents/images/sub_logo.gif New Jersey Institute of Technology http://www.njit.edu 60 NJIT Cryptography Expert Elected Fellow of European Academy http://www.njit.edu/news/2005/2005-070.php http://www.njit.edu/news/2005/2005-070.phpFri, 25 Feb 2005 00:00:00 -0500 A cryptography expert at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) has been elected a Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences (EAS). “I am happy to receive this notable honor from my colleagues around the world,” said Boris S. Verkhovsky, PhD, professor of computer science at NJIT and an expert in the art of deciphering messages in a code.More attention has been paid since 9/11 to this once obscure field since news stories have reported that terrorists communicate with each other through encoded computer messages.