NJIT Newsroom tagged with "gmat" Updates about what's happening on and around the NJIT campus. http://www.njit.edu/news en-us 2014 New Jersey Institute of Technology http://www.njit.edu/uicomponents/images/sub_logo.gif New Jersey Institute of Technology http://www.njit.edu 60 NJIT Announces Provost Fellowship http://www.njit.edu/news/2005/2005-074.php http://www.njit.edu/news/2005/2005-074.phpTue, 01 Mar 2005 00:00:00 -0500 A Provost Fellowship that will offer partial scholarships to students admitted for full-time study in master's degree programs is now available at NJIT. To be considered for the fellowship, master's students must have earned bachelor's degrees with cumulative GPAs of at least 3.0 and also submit results of the GRE or GMAT standardized graduate admissions tests. For more information, contact Stephen Eck, director of graduate admission at NJIT, at eck@njit.edu or 973-596-3300.

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