NJIT Newsroom tagged with "regeneration" Updates about what's happening on and around the NJIT campus. http://www.njit.edu/news en-us 2014 New Jersey Institute of Technology http://www.njit.edu/uicomponents/images/sub_logo.gif New Jersey Institute of Technology http://www.njit.edu 60 Stem Cell Applications and Research Highlight NJIT’s First Research Cafe http://www.njit.edu/news/2009/2009-325.php http://www.njit.edu/news/2009/2009-325.phpThu, 24 Sep 2009 00:00:00 -0400 Stem cell researcher Treena Livingston Arinzeh will discuss current stem cell applications at NJIT, including the regeneration of bone and cartilage for bone fracture and osteoarthritis treatments, spinal cord repair, and liver regeneration at NJIT's first Research Café.  

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