NJIT Newsroom tagged with "sunlight" Updates about what's happening on and around the NJIT campus. http://www.njit.edu/news en-us 2014 New Jersey Institute of Technology http://www.njit.edu/uicomponents/images/sub_logo.gif New Jersey Institute of Technology http://www.njit.edu 60 NJIT Solar Physicists Report Paradox in Eos: Less Sunlight, But Temps Rise http://www.njit.edu/news/2006/2006-031.php http://www.njit.edu/news/2006/2006-031.phpMon, 23 Jan 2006 00:00:00 -0500 Less sunlight reaching the Earth's surface has not translated into cooler temperatures, according to a team of solar physicists at NJIT. The scientists have observed that the amount of light reflected by Earth has increased since 2000. “Our findings have significant implications for the study of climate change,” said Philip R. Goode, PhD, principal investigator and distinguished professor of physics at NJIT.

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