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NJIT's Educational Opportunity Program Executive Director Tony Howell and Assistant Director for Recruitment and Admissions Carlomagno Ontaneda presented certificates yesterday to some 250 students who participated in the Summer Academic Enrichment Program at NJIT. The students, all of whom will now be formally admitted into NJIT's incoming freshman class, spent six weeks living in residence halls and attending classes in math and science.   >>
It's an academic boot camp designed to take high school students from the state's poorest school districts and transform them into bright college students who will one day work as engineers, scientists and other professionals. During their six-week stay at NJIT, the 160 students live in the residence halls and adhere to strict rules. The summer boot camp, run by NJIT's Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), helps the students, most of who are minorities, make an easy transition from high school to college. “The program is demanding, no doubt about it,” says Laurence Howell, executive director of EOP. “But it gives the students the intensive academic prepping they need to make the transition from high school to a rigorous university such as NJIT.” >>
It's an academic boot camp designed to take underprepared high school students, from some of the state's poorest school districts, and transform them into bright college students, whose intellects will delight in the rigors of physics, calculus and computer science. >>