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A team of engineering students participated in the international Baja car off-road competition held last week in Peoria, Illinois. >>
When Matthew Schaefer started his freshman year at NJIT, he set himself a lofty goal: In four years, he'd graduate with a perfect grade-point average. As NJIT's May 17, 2007 graduation approaches, Schaefer will have met his goal. The Randolph Township native will graduate with a 3.988 accumulated average. >>
A group of 12 students from NJIT will travel to Troy, Ohio, this weekend to race against 140 universities in a four-day mini-Baja car competition, set for June 16-19. The students designed and built two mini-Baja cars, which look like one-seat dune buggies. But the competition is less about money than about engineering, team work, and the love of building a car from scratch. “You not only learn how to design a car, but you also learn how to manufacture the car from the design," said Jonathan King (at left), who graduated in May with a master's degree in mechanical engineering but has nonetheless stayed on his team. "That goes beyond theory and equations and is the real test of a good engineer.” >>