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NJIT Distinguished Professor Philip R. Goode and the Big Bear Solar Observatory (BBSO) team have achieved “first light” using a deformable mirror in what is called adaptive optics at BBSO. An image of a sunspot was published Aug. 23, 2010 on the website of Ciel et l'Espace, as the photo of the day. >>
NJIT's new 1.6-meter clear aperture solar telescope—the largest of its kind in the world—is now operational.  The unveiling of this remarkable instrument—said to be the pathfinder for all future, large ground-based telescopes—could not have come at a more auspicious moment for science.  This year marks the 400th anniversary of Galileo's telescope that he used to demonstrate that sunspots are indeed on the Sun.  >>
Yun-Qing Shi, PhD, professor of electrical and computer engineering at NJIT, will discuss "First Digit Law and Its Application to Digital Forensics" at a Computer Science Department Seminar on April 13, 2:30-3:30 p.m. in the Guttenberg Information Technologies Center 4415. >>
Incoming first-year students took part in a two-day interactive overnight orientation this week as part of NJIT's Connections Miniversity Program. Students are given the opportunity to meet with advisors and receive guidance on academic planning. Beyond the academic orientation, students participate in activities that help orient them to community life and the diverse resources in and around Newark. Lead Coordinators for the 2008 Miniversity are Michael Lawson, of Parsippany, a junior majoring in architecture and Nicole Mavropoulos, of Livingston, a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering. >>
Five-foot tall, 130-pound, radio-controlled robots will begin to come to life at NJIT Saturday, when hundreds of high school students will be given kits from which they must build and design the robots. "This kick-off event sets the clock ticking and the teams will run back to their schools to start figuring out ways to have their robots win this year's game," said Randy Schaeffer, FIRST regional director for New York City and New Jersey, which is based at NJIT. >>
An engineer, a student and a technician from NJIT who helped middle and high school students from Newark compete in New Jersey FIRST competitions will discuss their experiences with a delegation of Senegalese educators on Sept. 19 at 2 p.m., West Side High School, Newark. NJIT President Robert A. Altenkirch, engineer Levelle Burr-Alexander, project manager for instruction at NJIT's Center for Pre-College Programs, and Frank Johansson, a technician at NJIT, will attend. >>
NJIT President Robert A. Altenkirch presented an award to Randy Schaeffer, FIRST regional director for New York City and New Jersey, at a volunteer awards ceremony on April 27, 2005. Nine high-school teams from Newark, all coached by students and technicians from NJIT, competed in the New Jersey FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Regional Robotics Competition in March. FIRST is a nonprofit organization dedicated to introducing young people to the excitement of science, math, engineering and technology. >>
Nine high-school teams from Newark, all coached by students and technicians from NJIT, will compete in the New Jersey FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Regional Robotics Competition on March 18 and 19 in the Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton. The contest will feature five-foot tall, 100-pound robots lifting and stacking pyramid-shaped blocks of pipe and wood within a two-minute deadline. >>
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Middle-school students from Newark will compete in the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Lego League at NJIT on Jan. 15, 2005 at 12 noon. The twenty participating student teams, who have been tutored by NJIT students, have built robots designed to help disabled individuals perform domestic tasks. >>
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The New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) Board of Trustees has elected its first female chairperson, Kathleen Wielkopolski, Chester. Wielkopolski is executive vice president and chief financial strategy officer of the Gale Company, Florham Park. Serving as co-vice chair will be attorney James M. Burns, Middletown.  Burns, a specialist in management labor law, is a founding partner of the Livingston law firm, Genova, Burns & Vernoia.  Serving as the other co-vice chair of the board will be Stephen DePalma, chief executive officer and chairman of Schoor DePalma Inc, Manalapan, and an alumnus of NJIT.  Attending his first meeting this November as a member of the Board was civil engineer David J. Samuel, Sayreville, an NJIT alumnus and a managing partner in the engineering firm CME Associates, Parlin, who joined the board Oct. 25, 2004. >>
NJIT Day is a campus-wide fall festival featuring the dedication of NJIT's new buildings. There will be music, entertainment, athletic games. >>
Some 120 students from Newark's public schools will compete in a Mission Mars robotics contest. The sixth through eighth graders, divided into 15 teams, used Lego Mindstorm kits to design small robots. The children, mentored by NJIT students, programmed the robots to perform tasks on a mock surface of Mars. In competition, the robots must perform certain tasks: moving ramps and exiting a landing base, clearing surface dust from solar panels and connecting habitation modules. Judges will evaluate the robots' performance and select team winners.  >>
The first on-line annual report of its kind ( was published this month by New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), the nation's perennially most-wired university. "It is an appropriate achievement for this university, one which will dramatically increase state and national awareness of NJIT's role in technological research, education, and economic development. Produced by NJIT staff, this model demonstrates that greater reach and cost savings are not mutually exclusive goals," said Jean Llewellyn, executive director of University Communications at NJIT. >>