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2007 - 2 stories
Leslie E. Robertson, the structural engineer responsible for the engineering design of the World Trade Center, delivered the keynote address at NJIT's annual convocation honoring notable students and faculty. Robertson examined how a university education allows students to become active in endeavors to enhance the way of life for all people. “Beyond the more philosophic thoughts,” he said, “people have concrete needs such as energy, housing and protection of freedoms. And it will be up to students to make a difference.” >>
Tagged: convocation
NJIT will mark the start of the new school year with University Convocation, an annual celebration and awards ceremony to recognize the accomplishments of students, faculty and staff, on Sept. 5 at 3 p.m. in the Jim Wise Theatre in Kupfrian Hall. Structural engineer Leslie E. Robertson will be the keynote speaker. >>
Tagged: convocation