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NJIT instructors will teach a group of 35 students how to work in moon suits and handle hazardous materials.  >>
Tromping around the classroom in oversized moon suits, a class of disadvantaged, young adults from New Jersey's inner cities will learn how to start a career cleaning up hazardous wastes a thing or two about life on May 12, 2010 at NJIT. The program, run under the auspices of the New Jersey Youth Corps, aims to put people to work, plus teach them life skills, including completing a high school diploma. >>
Students enrolled in the New Jersey Youth Corps Brownfields Job Training Program were instructed today on how to put on the protective gear, or moonsuits, that are worn by technicians to clean up brownfields (contaminated old buildings) as part of the health and safety component of the curriculum being taught at NJIT through its Division of Continuing Professional Education. This intensive training program prepares disadvantaged young adults for careers as environmental technicians. >>
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