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Matt Gosser, an adjunct instructor of architecture at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), will be honored by the Newark Preservation and Landmarks Committee for making furniture, sculpture and art from objects he salvaged at the former Pabst Brewery. >>
One day last year, Matt Gosser, who teaches architectural graphics at NJIT, read that the Pabst Brewery was being demolished. But when Gosser walked inside the brewery, he found a treasure trove of objects: original architectural drawings; engineering drawings; machine parts; and metal work. Sixteen months later, the New Jersey School of Architecture (NJSOA) gallery at NJIT is hosting “AR+CHAEOLOGY: The Death and After-life of the Pabst Brewery,” an exhibit featuring sculpture, furniture and collages that Gosser made from objects he found in the brewery. “We feel that Gosser's exhibit is historic and reflects an important part of Newark's history and economic development,” said James Dyer, associate dean at NJSOA. >>