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KUDOS-December 2006

December 01, 2006
Lev N. Krasnoperov, PhD, a professor in the department of chemistry and environmental science at NJIT, in collaboration with Jingping Peng and Paul Marshall of the University of North Texas, has made an important advancement in the theory of reactions that exhibit negative apparent activation energies. In their paper entitled "Modified Transition State Theory and Negative Activation Energies of Simple Metathesis Reactions: Application to the Reaction CH3+HBr --> CH4 + Br" that appeared in the Journal of Physical Chemistry (March 2006), they developed a modified transition state theory (MTST) for such reactions, which explained the "negative temperature dependences" and provided quantitative agreement with the experiment. The controversy surrounding "simple metathesis reactions" that exhibit negative apparent activation energies has been an issue in chemical kinetics for about 20 years. The works of Dr. Krasnoperov, Peng and Marshall are an important contribution in understanding of the phenomenon and may also further provide support for the accurate determination of energies of chemical bonds based on kinetic measurements. >>
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