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Stephan Kudyba, an associate professor in the Martin Tuchman School of Management, recently presented a paper on “A Conceptual Framework for Leveraging Standard and Big Data Resources to Achieve Sustainable Business Solutions” at the 14th International Conference of the Society for Global Business & Economic Development. >>
Stephan P. Kudyba, associate professor in NJIT's Martin Tuchman School of Management has published Healthcare Informatics: Improving Efficiency through Technology, Analytics, and Management (CRC Press). >>
Stephan Kudyba, associate professor in the School of Management, is an associate editor for the 2014 International Conference for Information Systems (ICIS) for the Information Systems in Healthcare Track. >>
The advent of big data provides a tremendous opportunity for organizations to more fully understand the factors that drive their processes, from product sales, to consumer responses, to risk parameters. However, harnessing this vast resource comes with a cost, and it can be difficult to estimate the return on investment of time and resources, according to Stephan Kudyba, an associate professor in the School of Management at NJIT. >>