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With the League Championship Series set to begin tomorrow, NJIT Mathematics Professor Bruce Bukiet has, once again, analyzed the probability of each team winning their post-season series. Bukiet updates his calculations daily during the Major League Baseball post-season. >>
The New York Yankees have better than a 3 in 4 chance of defeating the Detroit Tigers in their best of 5 series beginning tonight, said Bruce Bukiet, PhD, associate professor in the department of mathematical sciences at NJIT. In the other American League match-up, Bukiet said that the Minnesota Twins have a 71 percent chance of defeating the Oakland A's. >>
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Both the Yankees and the Mets will have the best records in their leagues this season, according to Bruce Bukiet, PhD, an associate professor of mathematical sciences at NJIT who uses a computerized mathematical modeling method to predict games. His annually issued predictions have been competitive over the years with those issued by baseball experts. >>
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Yankees Manager Joe Torre visited New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) yesterday to herald a new partnership between NJIT's baseball team, the Highlanders, and the Newark Bears. >>
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Yankee Manager Joe Torre will visit New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) to announce a long-term partnership between NJIT's baseball team, the Highlanders, and the Newark Bears. The Highlanders play their home games at Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium, in Newark, and Torre will discuss the bright collaborative future of the Highlanders and the Bears.  >>
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October 17, 2003
“The Yankees have a 72.5% chance to beat the Marlins in the World Series, according to Bruce Bukiet. “ It would be fishy if the Marlins were to win,” Bukiet quips, “since the Yankees are overall a better team, with superior hitting and pitching. The Yankees are favored to win all but one game in the series, and even in that game the teams are statistically even.” >>