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Stories Tagged with "atam dhawan" from 2003

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“The tripping of the transmission line could be caused by a lightning strike, sagging of the line and subsequent shorting out or the faulty setting of a relay.” --Walid Hubbi, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering “In the northeast, the grid is integrated so that if one area needs more power, another area gets less. The grid is based on that dependency and there is very little room for isolation. If one area gets overloaded, the system shuts off.” --Atam Dhawan, Ph.D.,, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering “Cell phones failed Thursday because the network was overloaded with a high volume of calls. The networks are not designed to handle that load. The industry would have to build more antennae base stations to handle that volume, which is too expensive.” --Symeon Papavassillou, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering >>
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