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Scientists who monitor Earth's reflectance by measuring the moon's earthshine have observed unexpectedly large climate fluctuations during the past two decades.  By combining eight years of earthshine data with nearly twenty years of partially overlapping satellite cloud data, they have found a gradual decline in the Earth's reflectance that became sharper in the last part of the 1990's, perhaps associated with the accelerated global warming in recent years.  Surprisingly, the declining reflectance reversed completely in the past three years.  Such changes, which are not understood, seem to be a natural variability of the Earth's clouds. >>
Despite what you might have read lately in the news about earth dimming, researchers at NJIT's Big Bear Observatory in California have uncovered evidence to the contrary. Their findings, to be reported in the May 28 issue of Science, suggest that earth is brightening. The research combines observations of the ghostly glow of light reflected from earth onto the dark side of the moon, known as earthshine, with NASA cloud data from satellites. The scientists suggest that observing earthshine offers a simple method for monitoring climate change and variations in cloud cover. >>