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Stories Tagged with "iraq" from 2004

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Wilfred Augustin, a computing help desk associate at NJIT and a specialist in the U.S. Army, will be leaving to serve in Iraq on December 28, 2004.  Augustin will be stationed at Base Speicher, 60 miles north of Baghdad. >>
Yash Sinha, a student in the doctoral program in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Industrial Hygiene at NJIT, recently completed an 18-month tour of duty in Kirkuk in northeastern Iraq. Sinha, a first lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserves, was commissioned to work in the preventive medicine medical services corp for rebuilding efforts in the areas of water and sewage and sanitation. Sinha received his master's degree in Occupational Safety and Industrial Hygiene from NJIT in 2002. He has returned to his full-time position at Picatinny Arsenal, where he is employed as a packaging engineer, and is continuing his part-time doctoral studies at NJIT. Sinha enjoyed the work he accomplished in Iraq as well as the sense of fulfillment that comes from helping others. “There is a risk,” he says, “But the mission has to get done.” >>