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Renowned Virginia architect and designer William McDonough will speak Oct. 26 at NJIT about how the use of technology is integral to its creation, application and value. His talk is entitled, “Tools of Intention, Tools of Value” and will take place from 3-4:30 p.m. in the atrium of the NJIT Campus Center. The talk is free and open to the public and parking is available. For more information, call Jay Kappraff at (973) 596-3490. >>
Kenneth Deffeyes, PhD, an esteemed geologist and professor emeritus at Princeton University, will give a lecture titled “The Impending Oil Shortage: A Crisis in Public Policy" on Sept. 19, 11:30 a.m.- 1 p.m., in the NJIT Campus Center atrium. The lecture is free, open to the public and parking is available. Deffeyes's talk is the first in this year's Technology and Society Forum series. >>
Bernadette Moke, a junior at NJIT, sits on the roof in the sun, reading a book and drinking in the sunlight. She is not alone in soaking up as much sun as she can on this roof-top terrace. Just beside her, in the center of the roof, lay 160 solar panels, some of which automatically follow the path of the sun. The panels provide power for the Campus Center, and save the university nearly $30,000 a year in electric bills. >>
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The façade of the East Building was transformed into a hospital. And the campus pub turned into a cafeteria.  “The Sopranos” visited the NJIT campus last week--not to brush up on their engineering, but to film a few scenes for a spring 2006 episode. Actors and camera technicians from the award-winning HBO television series spent the entire day on the campus, setting up and filming scenes of the Soprano family visiting the mock NJIT set. >>
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Two architects from Thomas Balsley Associates of New York City, an architectural firm specializing in urban landscape design, yesterday unveiled to students, staff and faculty a plan to update and beautify the campus' visual exterior. The initiative is part of the university's strategic plan. Changes will include the creation or renovation of paving and walks, steps and walls, the standardization of exterior lighting plus installing a profusion of hardy and easy-to-maintain flowering plants, shrubs and trees. The first phase of this multi-year effort will be completed by September of 2006. >>
NJIT is saving money and energy while also protecting the environment. The university has installed a 50-kilowatt solar-powered system on the roof of its new Campus Center.  An array of 160 solar panels carpets the roof, converting sunlight into electrical currents. “NJIT's solar-unit is the most advanced in the state,” said Leon Baptiste (NCE '91), the engineer who installed the system. “It should be a model for other universities, and businesses, across the state." >>
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