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NJIT's College of Computing Sciences (CCS) will offer a series of free seminars and workshops on a wide range of market-driven skills not usually covered by the academic curriculum. Faculty, students, external businesses and those interested in acquiring practical knowledge, career development and real-world problem-solving skills are invited to participate. Judith Sheft, assistant vice president, technology development, NJIT; Nicole S. Percel, Esq., coordinator, patents and licensing, NJIT; and Dave M. McConoughey, Esq. will speak on the topic of intellectual property and commercialization on Sept. 21, 4-6 p.m. in the Guttenberg Information Technologies Center, Room 1100. Contact: Osama Eljibiri, >>
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Daljit S. Ahluwalia, PhD, acting dean of the College of Computing Sciences at NJIT, provided welcoming remarks at the college's annual reception for incoming freshmen on Sept. 14. The event provided students with an opportunity to meet their professors and learn about career opportunities in the computing sciences. >>