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Stories Tagged with "civil and environmental engineering" from 2005

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Michael Hornsby, adjunct faculty member in the department of civil and environmental engineering, received an Excellence in teaching award during NJIT's annual university convocation.  >>
“Pumping the floodwater out of New Orleans is the most pressing environmental issue facing the city right now,” says Hsin-Neng Hsieh, PhD, PE, professor of civil and environmental engineering at NJIT. “There is just too much water and engineers can't use existing waste treatment technologies until the water recedes." >>
“It appears that the levee failures in New Orleans were induced by subsurface seepage through the soils, not by overtopping,” said John Schuring, PhD and PE, professor of civil and environmental engineering at NJIT. “Given the fact that the levees were built and retrofitted many times over the years, and also given the fact that other weaknesses in the soil may exist, care must be taken when the city is dewatered to avoid another failure.” >>
John Schuring, PhD (at right), chairman of the civil and environmental engineering department at NJIT, was one of four individuals who were recognized for their work with the ACE Mentor Program at its fifth annual scholarship breakfast on June 9 at the Newark Club. The ACE Mentor Program is designed to help high school students become aware of college and career opportunities in the design and construction field. >>