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Stories Tagged with "higher education" from 2005

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NJIT is one of 28 New Jersey colleges and universities that have teamed up to offer the region's first online jobs database aimed at helping higher education institutions attract and retain a diverse work force. The New Jersey Higher Education Recruitment Consortium, which is free to job seekers, was launched on Nov. 15 and allows job seekers to search the full range of positions at colleges and universities. >>
Will New Jersey's public higher education network be able to sustain the necessary workforce for the state to remain economically competitive and provide the educational opportunity and services residents have come to enjoy? Robert A. Altenkirch posed this question in an op-ed article that was published in the Star-Ledger on April 11, 2005. An investment in higher education has quantifiable impact, said Altenkirch, but unfortunately, for the state and its public institutions, higher education has not been able to position itself to be a priority, as witnessed by the steady decline in real state funding over the past decade. “We are reaching the point at which higher education must either become a state funding priority, or the cost of state universities may exceed the reach of many students and the quality of the programs will suffer, driving students to programs in other states at great cost to New Jersey's economic prospects,” he said. >>