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Stories Tagged with "summer" from 2005

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A group of high school students from New Jersey, New York and Maryland won an architectural design competition held recently at NJIT with an unusual twist: The students had to design and build a meditation room out of nothing more than cardboard UPS boxes and tape. “They won because of the clarity of their design idea and elegant solution they came up with in the building process,” said Darius Sollohub, an assistant professor at the New Jersey School of Architecture who judged the student projects, which were part of the school's Summer Architecture Career Exploration Program. >>
A group of 117 high school students will spend the day, and most of the night, at NJIT today building meditation rooms out of nothing more than cardboard boxes – namely, UPS boxes. The project is part of the New Jersey School of Architecture's Summer Architecture Career Exploration Program, a two-day intensive class that teaches students what it is like to attend architecture school. On July 7 at 10 a.m., a jury of architects will examine the finished projects and select a winner. >>
NJIT's Center for Pre-college Programs will sponsor summer workshops to encourage students--many of whom are girls and minorities--from post-fourth to post-11th grades to pursue education in science, math and engineering. The workshops run from four to six weeks, and begin either in late June or early July. Applications are due April 8 and can be obtained by calling 973-596-3550 or by visiting the center's website>>