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Stories Tagged with "fellow" from 2006

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NJIT will host the third annual math conference to expand the frontiers in applied and computational mathematics on May 15-16, GITC Building, Rm. 3700. The event explores recent advances in the worlds of mathematical biology, mathematical fluid dynamics, nonlinear waves and electromagnetics and applied statistics. Keynote speakers include mathematicians Charles Peskin, PhD, professor, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at NYU and MacArthur Fellow, and John Hinch, PhD, professor at Cambridge University, England and Fellow of Trinity College and the Royal Society. >>

KUDOS - January 2006

January 03, 2006
Cohen Receives AT&T Faculty Fellowship AwardMaurie Cohen, PhD, an assistant professor in the department of chemistry and environmental science, received an Industrial Ecology Faculty Fellowship award from the AT&T Foundation.  NJIT's Communications Group Receives Awards for Exemplary WorkThe online Newsroom sponsored by NJIT, which is available for both public and internal viewing, has won an Apex Award from Communications Inc. of Virginia, and a gold award from MarCom Creative Awards, of Texas. The university's 2003-2004 annual report received a commendation for non-traditional design from the International ARC Awards.  >>