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Stories Tagged with "poetry" from 2007

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Christopher Funkhouser, PhD, a professor in the department of humanities at NJIT, will speak on the topic "Creative Cannibalism and Digital Poetry" and perform "States of Malaysia 2.0" on May 20-21 at the E-Poetry 2007 event in Paris, France. >>
“Net Art/Digital Poetics” is the topic of a public presentation by Jason Nelson, an associate lecturer in Digital Writing and Cyberstudies in the School of Arts at Griffith University in Australia, on Jan. 30 at 4 p.m. in the Campus Center Ballroom. Nelson will introduce newly designed works and discuss a selection of inventive works he has previously produced, including the Poetry Cube. The talk is the first in a series of Digital Poetry@NJIT events produced by NJIT Humanities Professor Christopher Funkhouser. For more information, contact Prof. Funkhouser. >>