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Burt Kimmelman, PhD, a professor in NJIT's Department of Humanities, will read his poetry at the Kelley Writers House at the University of Pennsylvania on Oct. 27 at 6 p.m. in the Arts Cafe. >>
Jon Curley, of Jersey City, and Burt Kimmelman (at left), of Maplewood, associate professor and professor, respectively, in NJIT's Department of Humanities, will participate in a poetry reading presented by the William Carlos Williams Poetry Cooperative on Oct. 6 at 7 p.m. at the Williams Center for the Arts in Rutherford.    >>
NJIT Humanities Professor and poet Burt Kimmelman, PhD, of Maplewood, discussed his recent collection As If Free and more with the critic, scholar and poet Thomas Fink in an interview that has been published in Jacket Magazine. Published in Australia, Jacket is probably the best known/widest readership publication of avant-garde English-language poetry and poetics, and recently affiliated itself with the Kelly Writers House at the University of Pennsylvania where Kimmelman will give a reading this October.  >>
A poem from NJIT Humanities Professor Burt Kimmelman's new collection As If Free (Talisman House, 2009) will be the featured literary work on The Writer's Almanac program on April 20.  Garrison Keillor will read Kimmelman's poem “Taking Dinner to My Mother” on his National Public Radio show. Kimmelman, of Maplewood, is chair of the department of humanities at NJIT. In the New York City area, the show will air at noon on WQXR-FM 105.9, and will air at various times during the day depending on where in the country you are tuning in. If you can't catch the reading “live” then you can pick it up on the NPR or Writer's Almanac websites in the show's archive; the poem will be posted there along with a podcast. >>
NJIT Humanities Professor Burt Kimmelman of Maplewood, who has published six poetry collections, will read from his collected works at the PoetsWednesday Series on March 10 at 8 the Barron Arts Center in Woodbridge. >>