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Rima Taher, PhD, PE, a university lecturer in NJIT's College of Architecture and Design, gave an invited speech at an education and infrastructure conference on Oct. 26-27 in Santiago, Chile. Taher spoke on the topic of designing and strengthening educational facilities against the risk of earthquakes and hurricanes; her paper on the subject will be published in the conference proceedings. The topic of the conference was "Advances in School Infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean and the Financial Role of the Private Sector" hosted by The Inter-American Development Bank's Education Division in collaboration with Chile's Ministry of Education. >>
Rima Taher, an expert in the design of low-rise buildings for extreme winds and hurricanes, is available to educate people about best building design and construction practices to reduce wind pressures on building surfaces. >>
Rima Taher, a structural engineer at NJIT has accepted an invitation from Architecture for Humanity (AFH) to join architects and engineers creating a construction guide for rebuilding in earthquake and hurricane-prone areas. The guide would be used as a resource to builders as they begin their efforts in Haiti.  The manual will cover job site safety, dos and don'ts for earthquake and hurricane-resistant building and a list of appropriate/sustainable materials. It will be distributed for non-commercial use. >>