About the Office of Technology Development

Intellectual Property

NJIT's Office of Technology Development (OTD) manages the intellectual property created by NJIT's faculty and staff. OTD promotes creativity and inventiveness at NJIT by obtaining and licensing patent, trademark, and copyright protection on intellectual property. Our office supports NJIT's educational mission by protecting this property and managing it for NJIT's inventors. By actively participating in this exchange of technology, NJIT is able to support our economy while enhancing the public good. 


Our office provides consulting services to NJIT employees, and helps determine the patentability of research projects while securing trademarks and copyrights. Furthermore, OTD evaluates the commercial potential of projects and markets them to industry and research partners.

Bridging the Gap

The Office of Technology Development strives to bridge the gap between technology, patent laws, and business development. By monitoring and adjusting to ongoing changes in intellectual property laws, we are able to rapidly and efficiently determine the patentability for various technologies, including those in the rapidly evolving biotechnology and technology sectors.