Coating Techniques

Coating Techniques for Pharmaceuticals

Supercritical fluid processing based particle coating techniques can be used to produce advanced powder composites or engineered particulates that can have important applications for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. The process forms a barrier between the particle and its environment and can be used to change the functionality or the properties of the original host particles. Coating of nanoparticles is a great challenge due to their extremely small size, high surface energy and high surface area. The novel process developed at NJIT could be used in the manufacture of time-released drugs or other applications where the particles need to be protected or passivated by a thin layer of film type coating.

Description of Invention
A supercritical anti-solvent process has been developed to coat nano-particles. Carbon dioxide is used as the medium due to its mild critical conditions. The process is based on induced phase separation. The coating thickness can be controlled by adjusting the ratio of coating material to substrate. The process can be operated in either a continuous or batch mode.

There are few other ways to achieve film-coating of nano and sub-micron particles. Supercritical fluid based coating techniques are cleaner and potentially less expensive than wet chemistry-based coating processes. Use of organic solvents is minimized, and it can be easily recovered in the manufacturing process. In addition, the coating and drying process are combined in a single step.

Business Opportunity
Partners are sought to commercialize the technology.

Patent Status
A US patent application is pending.

Technology Contact
Professor Robert Pfeffer; Professor Rajesh Dave
Dept. of Chemical Eng.; Dept. of Mechanical Eng.
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Newark, NJ 07102
(973)642-4076; (973)596-5860

Business Contact
Judith Sheft, assistant vice president, Technology Development
University Heights., GITC 3404
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Newark, NJ 07102
(973) 596-5825