Controlled Drug Delivery

Fabrication of Open Pores Biodegradable Nano-Fibrillar /Micro-Fibrillar Devices for Controlled Drug Delivery

Drug delivery systems can employ polymeric carriers for enhancing controlled delivery of a given pharmaceutical compound. Current methodologies employ the usage of non-elongated polymeric particles for such delivery. Such particles are subject to the frequent complication where individual fibers puncture cell walls at the delivery target area. The number of products on the market based on polymeric micro or nano-particles is limited. This is due to the cititoxocity of polymers and the lack of a suitable large-scale production method.

Description of Invention
This invention relates to the provision of elongated polymeric fibers as delivery vehicles. The technologies consists of two steps ? creation and isolation of open pore nano and micro-fibrils of biodegradable PLA, PGA PLGA and other polymers of interest, and second the loading of the porous nano and micro-fibrils with drug-containing lipids or biological active substances.

The novel structure renders superior delivery performance because the aspect ratio of the elongated fiber prevents any puncturing of cells in the target area. The PLA material used is well documented with respect to its applicability for such purposes. The manufacture excludes the use of toxic solvents or similar reagents enabling the use of bioactive additives in the devices. The loading of fibrils with the drug-containing lipid is more effective due to the large number of deep cavities and pores.

Business Opportunity
Partners are sought to commercialize the technology.

Patent Status
A U. S. patent application is pending.

Technology Contact
Professor Jing Wu
Chemical Engineering Department
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Newark, NJ 07102

Business Contact
Judith Sheft, assistant vice president, Technology Development
Fenster Hall, Room 349
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Newark, NJ 07102
(973) 596-5825

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