Featured Research: Glucose

Optical Measurement of Glucose Concentrations

Patients that suffer from Type I and Type II diabetes have a need to monitor and control their blood sugar levels throughout the day. Current technology that measures the blood sugar levels in the blood include chemical analysis in a drop of blood obtained by the patient from frequent finger prick samples. Due to the invasive and painful nature of this procedure, patients may tend to take fewer daily readings thereby increasing their risk of negative effects of diabetes? blindness, loss if limbs, or even death.

Description of Invention
A method and device have been developed that easily and non-invasively measure the blood sugar levels from 50 mg glucose per 100 ml blood to 150 mg glucose per 100 ml blood. The technique uses Raman Spectroscopy to continuously measure the glucose concentration through the ocular Aqueous Humor in the eye. Research shows that a significant relationship exists between the ocular measurement of glucose concentration and the actual glucose concentration in the blood.

The device and method developed is small, compact, relatively inexpensive and of low laser intensity. A practical commercial system could be implemented that also includes automatic administration of medication based on the glucose readings. The resulting portable system could be used for clinical and patient daily self-monitoring.

Business Opportunity
A laboratory device has been constructed. A partnership with an industrial partner is sought to implement the technology in a commercial product.

Patent Status
Not Available

Technology Contact
Professor Gordon Thomas, Physics Department
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Newark, NJ 07102

Business Contact
Judith Sheft, assistant vice president, Technology Development
University Heights
Fenster Hall, Room 349
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Newark, NJ 07102
(973) 596-5825