Nano Particles

Aerated Vibro-fluidization & Aerated Magnetically Assisted Fluidization of Nano-particles

Fluidization is a widely used process to achieve continuous powder handling ability, particle mixing and good solid-gas contacting. The process can also achieve high heat and mass transfer reaction rates. However, nano-particles are difficult to fluidize due to their strong inter-particle forces. Further, powder loss in conventional fluidized beds is hard to control.

Description of Invention
Coupling the flow of fluidized gas with a vibration force and/or a magnetic force dramatically changes the behavior of fluidization of nano-particles. By combining vibration and gas flow or by combining magnetic excitation and gas flow nano-particles were successfully fluidized.

Loss of powder during the processing is avoided and a controllable and smoother fluidization with good mixing characteristics and high bed expansion is achieved. The process is also usable for mixing or coating nano-particles without particle loss.

Business Opportunity
Partners are sought to assist in the commercialization of the technology.

Patent Status
A US patent application is pending.

Technology Contacts
Professor Robert Pfeffer; Professor Rajesh Dave
Dept. of Chemical Eng.; Dept. of Mechanical Eng.
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Newark, NJ 07102
(973)642-4076; (973)596-5860

Business Contact
Judith Sheft, assistant vice president, Technology Development
University Heights
Fenster Hall, Room 349
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Newark, NJ 07102
(973) 596-5825

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