For Inventors: The Minds Behind it All

Connecting Today With Tomorrow

separations labThe Office of Technology Development would like to welcome its inventors, a vital part of the NJIT community, and an essential resource to the Office of Technology Development. Our inventors are working around the clock making ground-breaking discoveries in cutting-edge fields that include biotechnology, human computer interaction, artificial intelligence, and more. Their research is exciting and their discoveries are fascinating.

For this reason it is vital that the discoveries be patented and the ideas protected. The Office of Technology Development works hard to to create an interface between NJIT's research community and the commercial domain that is not only open and reliable, but efficient and mutually rewarding.

Inventor's Guide

In order to protect the interests of the NJIT research community, and to facilitate interaction within the commercial domain, we have created a guide that will help inventors and industry alike understand the important aspects of patents and licensing. We invite you to explore our guide, and direct any questions or comments that arise our way.