Policies and Forms



To report an Invention Disclosure please go to https://njit-ip.ttoportal.com. Request an account if you don’t have one (only requests from “@njit.edu” emails will be approved). Once the account is approved, log-in, fill out the form and SUBMIT the disclosure. Only SUBMITTED disclosures will be recognized. Inquiries and or questions should be sent to ip@njit.edu.

To request a Confidentially Agreement, please contact ip@njit.edu. Be sure to include with your request the name of the party with whom you want the agreement together with (a) their company name, (b) street address, (c) title of your contact, (d) their email address, and (e) topic or subject matter to be protected (NJIT does not do blanket confidentially agreements).  Only confidentially agreements executed by the senior vice president for research and development (or other members of senior staff) are binding on NJIT.