MS in Applied Science

The Master of Science in Applied Science (APSC) is a program developed as a collaborative effort between many science departments within the NJIT College of Science and Liberal Arts. The multitude concentrations within the program are brought together by Dr. Andrew Klobucar from the NJIT Department of Humanities into one cohesive unit of learning, with his expertise in technical writing and instructional design. The primary objective of the program is to 'educate the educators' in a concentrated science field at a high level, and apply current instructional design tools in that science field, to bring back to the classroom on their own. By no means is the program exclusive to educators - anyone qualified may take it! 

Program Mission

New Jersey is currently ranked 7th in the United States for most teachers per capita, ranked 1st in average starting salary in the United States for teachers, and ranked 2nd in the United States for "best state to be a teacher". You could say that New Jersey invests heavily in education, creating an environment of high expectations for our youth. And rightly so. New Jersey is ranked 1st in scientists per square mile in the United States. The NJIT Master of Science in Applied Science is designed to build on the foundations of New Jersey's educational merits by giving teachers their opportunity to grow, and bring it online to everyone else around the country.

Because there are so many different science backgrounds taught to our youth at all different levels, participants in the Applied Science program at NJIT are allowed to choose from 9 different concentrations, ranging from Engineering Management to Computer Science, in the online program. There are even more concentrations available in this program on NJIT's campus, in person. Please see the full brochure for all currently listed concentrations here.

Admission Requirements

An undergraduate degree in a related science field with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale is usually required. Admission conditions may involve completion of a small bridge program designed on a case-by-case basis, and typically require an undergraduate level course to fully transition into the program. Bridge courses and undergraduate courses do not count toward degree credit; graduate-level courses do.

Submission of Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores is encouraged in all cases, but it is required of those seeking financial support and those whose last prior degree is from an institution outside the United States. International students must also submit scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). According to university policy, a minimum score of 79 (Internetbased TOEFL), 550 (paper-based TOEFL) or 213 (computer-based TOEFL) is required for all international applicants.

Degree Requirements

A minimum of 30 credits is required for degree completion. Of these, 9 credits must be obtained by taking three (3) prescribed Core Courses, all from the Professional Technical Communication subject line. Second, the student would opt into one of the listed concentrations, completing 15-18 credits in that area (5-6 courses). And finally, the remaining credits needed to achieve the required 30 credits may be obtained by completing either a 3 credit Master's Project or a 6 credit Master's Thesis, either of which could be from the students chosen track, or from the Professional Technical Communication core subject line. The Master's Project or Master's Thesis would need to be approved by the academic department from which the student would choose to conduct their research.

The following course curriculum consists solely of NJIT courses offered frequently online. Other courses that pertain to this program may be available online or face to face at NJIT in Newark, NJ, but are not listed here.

Core Courses (choose 3 courses) 9
PTC 603 Identity, Technology, and Communication  
PTC 629 Theory and Practice of Social Media  
PTC 681 Technology in Class and Learning  
PTC 698 Digital Instruction Essentials  
Tracks (choose 1 track; take 15 credits) 15
Required Courses (3 credits)   3
MGMT 620 Management of Technology  
Additional Courses (choose 4 courses to earn 12 credits)   12
ECON 610 Managerial Economics  
FIN 600 Corporate Finance I  
FIN 624 Corporate Finance II  
MGMT 635 Data Mining and Analysis  
MGMT 640 New Venture Management  
MGMT 650 Knowledge Management  
MGMT 691 Legal and Ethical Issues  
MGMT 692 Strategic Management  
Computer Science  
Required Courses (6 credits)   6
CS 505 Programming, Data Structures & Algorithms  
CS 506 Foundations of Computer Science  
Additional Courses (choose 3 courses to earn 9 credits)   9
CS 610 Data Structures & Algorithms  
CS 630 Operating Systems Design  
CS 631 Data Management System Design  
CS 656 Internet & Higher-Layer Protocols  
Engineering Management  
Required Courses (6 credits)   6
EM 636 Project Management  
HRM 601 Organizational Behavior  
Additional Courses (choose 3 courses to earn 9 credits)   9
ACCT 615 Management Accounting  
IE 673 Total Quality Management  
MIS 645 Information Systems Principles  
EM 634 Legal, Ethical and Intellectual Property Issues for Engineering Managers  
EM 637 Project Control  
EM 691 Cost Estimating for Capital Projects  
EM 632 Legal Aspects in Construction  
Information Systems  
Required Courses (6 credits)   6
IS 601 Web Systems Development  
IS 663 System Analysis and Design  
Additional Courses (choose 3 courses to earn 9 credits)   9
IS 631 Enterprise Database Management  
IS 665 Data Analytics for Information Systems  
IS 676 Requirements Engineering  
IS 678 IT Service Management  
IS 680 Information Systems Auditing  
IS 681 Computer Security Auditing  
IS 684 Business Process Innovation  
IS 688 Web Mining  
Master's Project (3 credits) or Master's Thesis (6 credits) (link) 3
Total Credits 30

NJIT K-12 Teacher Scholarship

This is an NJIT award available to any K-12 teachers who are residents of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware enrolled in the Applied Science Master Degree or Graduate Certificate in Applied Science Programs (On-campus or Online).  The recipient will receive up to 35% of his/her tuition charge in scholarship.  The award is renewable for the duration of the program.  You must provide a copy of your teaching license or submit a letter of employment as a teacher from your school district prior to enrollment to be considered for the scholarship.  You must be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident to be eligible.  You must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0/4.0.   Please complete this form to submit your information for consideration for the scholarship.

Faculty Advisor: Andrew Klobucar
Academic Department: Humanities