Procedure for Filing Student Complaints at NJIT


The following policies are in place so that students at NJIT can experience an organized and timely resolution to any issues they may experience. Please read through the following guidelines to address any concerns you have may have.

Student Reminders: NJIT strives towards creating positive, academic experiences for students, faculty, and staff. All complaints are considered equally, and therefore students are reminded that they are expected to both adhere and refer to NJIT’s Student Code of Conduct.

Academic Integrity
For concerns about Academic Integrity, cheating and/or plagiarism

Acceptable Use Policy for Cyber Security
For concerns about online privacy and security.

Student Privacy/FERPA
For concerns about student records, identity, and privacy.

Student Identity Verification in Distance and Online Education: Middle States requires that institutions verify the identity of students in distance education courses. To accomplish this, NJIT may use online proctoring options such as Respondus Monitor and ProctorU, in addition to traditional proctoring methods.

Academic Complaints:

Students may appeal their grade by following the process outlined at

Students with personal or health issues that may affect their academic performance may contact the Dean of Students.

For students with complaints regarding faculty, assignments, assessments/exam procedures, course materials/deadlines, course offerings, course requirements, or textbooks, please proceed to contact the following relevant personnel, in this order:

  1. Faculty Member

  2. Program Coordinator

  3. Dept. Chair

  4. College Dean

Administrative Complaints:

For students with complaints regarding registration, payment, university services (and facilities), or accessibility, please proceed to contact the relevant department or office:

Bursars Office or Financial Aid
For issues with tuition and fees, or financial aid.

Disability Support Services
For disability accommodations, contact Disability Support Services in the Center for Student Success.

IST: Service Desk
For technical support related to NJIT computing services, software, passwords, access, email, and Moodle.

Office of the Registrar
For issues with general registration, wait list, account holds, withdrawals, add/drop, transcripts, etc.

General Information:

Filing Complaint With State of NJ
Students must first try to resolve complaints directly with NJIT, as outlined above. If a student still has a grievance, and all avenues of appeal have been exhausted, a complaint may be filed by contacting the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education (OSHE).

Filing Complaint For Students Outside of NJ

Middle States Information
NJIT is legally authorized to provide postsecondary education in the State of New Jersey pursuant to NJ ST 18A:64E-12 and is accredited through the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (