Ordering Your Books

Now that you have a schedule - it is time to think about purchasing your textbooks! 

A couple of reminders about books: 

•Please order books for a class when your schedule is final! 

• Please check your email regularly to see if your faculty member has sent you a syllabus or

invited you to moodle (moodle.njit.edu)/or other resources to indicate what text book(s) is/are


•Please read and understand the return policies and procedures when ordering books.

To purchase your textbooks from the NJIT on-line, visit our Bookstore website at www.njit.bkstr.com/.

1. At the top left of the page place the cursor directly on the “Books” tab.

2. Click on “Textbooks and Course Materials.”

3. Leave the box that says “Program” as “All.”  Select Fall 2013.

4. The next box asks for your department.  This means you select the department that teaches your course, i.e. you select “Math” for Math 111.  Each course will begin with the initials for the teaching department. Select the course number (the first three digits) and then the section (the second three digits).  This information is on your course schedule.

5. You will be shown the book and a price for a new or used copy, and a book rental price if it is available for rental.

6. NOTE:  If you want to rent a textbook(s) there is a one-time signup for the textbook rental program. You can do so by going back to the main bookstore website again at: http://www.njit.bkstr.com/

7. You may make your purchases with a credit or debit card.

8. The Bookstore will send you a message to pick up your books as soon as they are packaged.

9. To use a debit/credit card, you must be 18 years of age and must have a debit/credit card in

your own name, with an expiration date that does not end prior to the expiration period of the

book rental. Ordering materials on-line helps you to avoid long lines and waits by purchasing/renting textbooks.

Everything will be pre-packaged for you to pick up at the rear desk of the bookstore.

If you have questions for the NJIT Books Store:


If you have additional general questions or concerns please contact the Center for First Year Students at

firstyearstudents@njit.edu or 973-596-2981.