Placement FAQs for Transfer Students

How important are the placement tests?

The placement tests help to determine course placements for requirements. Prior to testing, we suggest that you review the topics included on the exams.

What placement tests do I need to take?

Transfer students who need placements should contact the Center for First Year Students to set up an appointment at 973-596-8389.

When are my placement tests held?

Placement exams are given before a student may register for his/her first semester of the classes. Specific information will be given to students when making appointment.

Where do I schedule my tests?

Contact the Center for First Year Students at 973-596-8389 to schedule an appointment for testing. An email will be sent out confirming your testing date, location and other details.

What if I have Advanced Placement Credits (AP)?

You need to contact the Educational Testing Service and request that your AP scores be sent to NJIT.  In order to receive credit, NJIT requires that you score a four (4) or a five (5) on the AP test.  Please note that our requirement may differ from that of your previous college.  For more details, contact the Associate Director of Placement and Testing, Ms Margo Gilchrist at 973-596-2981.

What do I need to bring on test day?

Two No. 2 sharpened pencils and your NJIT student ID # and a form of ID. You will not be allowed to use calculators or periodic tables. Please do not bring these items to the testing site.

What is the Chemistry Placement Test?

Toledo Chemistry Placement Test: The topics include: general Mathematics, general chemical knowledge and specific chemical knowledge. The chemistry placement test is required for all those who do not have transfer credit for  general Chemistry and are majoring in Engineering (except Engineering Technology), Bioinformatics, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Applied Physics.

What is the Mathematics Placement Test?

In order to succeed in Calculus you need a high level of proficiency in Intermediate Algebra, Trigonometry and Analytical Geometry. The Mathematics Placement Tests are designed to measure your abilities in these fundamental areas of mathematics and are required for students who do not have transfer credit for college level mathematics. The mathematical abilities to be demonstrated on these tests are taught in standard high school courses on Algebra, Trigonometry and Analytical Geometry. Students can review all of these mathematical topics in the following reference book.

The Algebra and Trigonometry Problem Solver:  A Complete Solution Guide to Any Textbook, Research and Education Association, Piscataway, New Jersey, 2000, ISBN 0-87891-508-7

The topics to be tested are covered in depth in chapters 1-13, 15-21, 26-30, 32, 38-40, 42, 44, which include step by step solutions to many problems.

The Mathematics Placement Test consists oftwo separate tests, totaling 1-hour and fifteen minutes.

Thefirst test  covers topics in Intermediate and Advanced Algebra and the topics include: operations with rational expression and their evaluations, solving inequalities, logarithms, and solving word problems. The second test is on Trigonometry and Analytical Geometry and the topics include: graphing trigonometric functions and solving trigonometric equations, working with trigonometric identities, and solving word problems.

Note: Copies of The Algebra and Trigonometry Problem Solver are on reserve for your use at the Van Houten Library, NJIT. Please call the library at 973-596-3206 for hours of operation or check the library website at

What is the English Placement Test?

English placement is determined by three scores from the SAT Reasoning Test TM:  the critical reading, writing and essay sections. Otherwise, students who do not submit SAT or ACT scores will be required to take the computer based writing evaluation - Criterion® to determine English course placement.

Criterion® is a web-based application that evaluates a student's writing skills. Students draft and submit two essays based on prompts determined by the Humanities Department.

For an online tour of Criterion, click here

What is the Computer Science Test?

This test measures your knowledge of basic computer science concepts.  All problems are in a programming language similar to Java or C++.  It consists of 19 questions to be answered over 45 minutes. The Computer Science Placement Test is required for all those majoring in Computer Science, Information Systems, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mathematical Sciences, Applied Physics, and Surveying Engineering Technology.

What if I fail my placement test?

The placement test is not a pass/fail test. Your scores help to determine the course in which you will be placed for your first semester at NJIT. Lower scores could result in being placed in a developmental course.

What if I disagree with my academic placement?

You will be given an opportunity to contact and discuss your placements with the Associate Director of Placement & Testing, Ms Margo Gilchrist, 973-596-2981.

Can I retake the placement test?

Transfer students have the opportunity to take the Mathematics Placement Test a second time. Students who opt to retest have to wait at least two weeks after their first attempt before retesting. The higher score will be used for the final placement. Students cannot retest more than once.

If a student is required to take the Criterion® test for English placement, one retest will be allowed. The higher score will be used for the final placement. As an alternative to the retest, a student can submit a portfolio of original work. The guidelines for using the portfolio option can be obtained from the Department of Humanities:

Students will be allowed one retest for Chemistry and Computer Science Placement Tests.

I’m doing okay, but I still need tutoring! Where do I go?

Academic support (i.e., tutoring, study workshops etc.) is offered through the Center for Academic and Personal Enrichment (CAPE), located in Room 200 (second floor) of Kupfrian Hall. Tutoring is also offered in a variety of departments (math, physics, chemistry, humanities).  The hours for tutoring are posted on the CAPE website.