Policy on E-mail for Official University Communications to Students

Beginning with the fall 2002 semester, NJIT will begin to issue official university communications to students electronically via their officially assigned NJIT e-mail address.

During the spring 2002 semester, every registered student that did not already have a University Computing ID (UCID) was formally allocated one. Directions for activating the UCID and acceptance of NJIT's Guidelines for Responsible Use of Computing Resources can be found at the Campus Directory web site (http://directory.njit.edu).

New students accepted for fall 2002 and thereafter will be given instructions on obtaining a UCID and password prior to registration for their first semester of classes.

The UCID@njit.edu serves as a student's official NJIT e-mail address. It will be listed in the Campus Directory and faculty members are given this address for contacting students on all academic and class-related matters. Academic advisors, chairpersons, and program directors as well as several administrative offices (e.g. Registrar, Bursar, and Student Financial Aid Services) will send some communications only to the official NJIT e-mail address. Students are responsible for signing on to this account and checking for new mail at this address on a regular basis while enrolled at NJIT. Students have the option of forwarding their UCID@njit.edu e-mail to another e-mail account (e.g. Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL, etc.) by updating their forwarding entry in the Campus Directory. However, students are responsible for making sure the forwarding is done properly and that the forwarding system can receive the NJIT e-mail, in both volume and size. Some systems offer only a small mailbox allocation, rejecting forwarded emails after that limit has been reached.

Questions on this policy and assistance with setting up a UCID can be obtained from the Computing Help Desk located in Room 048 of the Student Mall, or by calling (973) 596-2900.

David F. Ullman
Associate Provost for Information Services and Technology and Chief Information Officer


March 8, 2002
Minor Revisions June 17, 2003