About the Center for Pre-College Programs









The Center for Pre-College Programs was established in 1978 in order to increase access to scientific and technological fields among traditionally underrepresented populations and to improve the teaching of science and mathematics in secondary and elementary schools. Achievement is reflected in the accomplishments of its many pre-college alumni who become teachers who show the way to youngsters, engineers who create technology that allows astronauts to rendezvous in space, scientists researching new avenues to control and cure diseases, and financiers who strive to keep our economy flourishing. All programs involve corporate partners, local school districts, non-profit educational organizations, and NJIT. The corporate partners provide classroom speakers, financial support, role models, field trips, and expertise in the teaching of science and engineering.

Over two decades of involvement in pre-college science and engineering programs have convinced NJIT and its partners that intervention must begin in the elementary grades. Hence, NJIT has greatly increased its activities aimed at improving science teaching in the classroom and reforming the elementary science curriculum as early as kindergarten. The Center for Pre-College Programs annually serves more than 3,000 elementary and secondary students and their teachers in a variety of programs.