Summer Engineering Program

Summer Engineering Program (7th - 9th Grades)

This program provides NJIT Consortium GEAR UP/CB participants an opportunity to learn the basic concepts underlying chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering. With a concentration in mathematics and science, the program is divided into three three components:

            Chemical Engineering -  Students engage in classroom instruction that explores and examines quality of life issues, i.e., the production and manufacture of pharmaceutical products, fertilizers, fabrics and petroleum products. Study groups use the resources of the library and the Internet to examine the impact of chemical engineering upon our society.

            Electrical Engineering  -  Participants receive classroom instruction in the use of computers, robots and communication systems, i.e., telephones, beepers, etc. Films are viewed and discussed regarding the impact of this technology upon our society. Hands-on activities include working with wiring, computer design, radio frequencies and lasers.

           Mechanical Engineering  -  Classroom instruction focuses on design, development and utilization of machine systems. Experiments are conducted on the various uses of alternate energy sources. Hands-on activities include bridge building and robotics.