Premedical and Health Education at NJIT

Medicine, dentistry, optometry, physical therapy, and nursing; these are the cornerstone professions of any modern health care system, and NJIT provides a vibrant environment for students seeking careers in these fields.

NJIT is unique among New Jersey universities in offering an education focused on science and technology that also allows each student aiming for a health professional career  to choose virtually any major that the university offers.  Students can thus prepare for a career in one of the core health professions by majoring in engineering, a natural science, or a computing, social science, or humanities based discipline.

NJIT has faculty across its colleges and departments who are well versed in the relevance of science and technology to the health professions.

In addition to traditional four-year undergraduate degree programs, NJIT also offers accelerated degree programs in the health professions through the Albert Dorman Honors College and one of NJIT’s partner schools in medicine, dentistry, optometry, or physical therapy.