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Strategic Directions 2014

Annual Report 2012-2013

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A Message from the President

Despite a challenging economic climate, 2013 has been a rewarding year for NJIT. The university is growing and evolving, reshaping itself into what we like to think of as tomorrow’s university.

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Strong for New Jersey: NJ Responds to Superstorm Sandy

On October 29-30, 2012, Superstorm Sandy assaulted New Jersey from Moonachie to Atlantic City, leaving behind two million households without power, 346,000 homes damaged or destroyed, and an estimated $30 billion in damage. NJIT faculty, staff and students found many ways to contribute to the relief effort.

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Building a Campus for the Future

NJIT’s campus took the first steps this year toward a transformation that will establish a vibrant campus neighborhood, a state-of-the-art STEM teaching and learning hub, and a major life sciences research center that will support New Jersey’s biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

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Leading the Way in Academic Innovation

As New Jersey’s science and technology university, NJIT focuses its academic programs on science, technology, engineering and mathematics – the STEM disciplines, offering the broadest concentration of STEM majors and graduate specialties in New Jersey as well as an array of continuing professional education courses and pre-college enrichment programs.

The university also offers a deep, rich STEM educational experience with learning options including research, internships, service learning and travel. NJIT nurtures innovation among students and faculty alike. Read more.

Advancing Information Everywhere

Computing has become ubiquitous in 21st century life, changing the way we work and learn, and even the way we interact with each other. NJIT researchers are working to create the tools to help the digital world function and to evaluate the impact of new technologies on society.

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Developing Sustainable Systems

Protecting and repairing the environment have been among NJIT’s strategic priorities since the opening of the York Center in the 1980s. The focus has broadened in recent years to include the application of sustainability principles to building and design, transportation and other fields, to green chemistry, and to ecology and conservation.

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Sun Storms: Big Bear Observatory

NJIT’S Center for Solar-Terrestrial Research based on campus integrates the work of researchers involved in a comprehensive program focused on discovering new knowledge about the Sun — knowledge basic to accurate prediction of dangerous solar events and sustaining operation of vital near-Earth and terrestrial infrastructure.

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Cultivating Synergy Between Life Sciences and Engineering

Over the past two decades, cascading breakthroughs and advances, particularly in information technology and the life sciences, have created a new interdependence among engineering, the physical sciences, computer science and math, and the biomedical sciences. This convergence of the life and healthcare sciences with the STEM disciplines is one of the major strategic themes for NJIT.

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