The NJIT Community
Joel S. Bloom
Thursday, May 1, 2014
NJIT Community Update
Dear Members of the NJIT Community,

The spring 2014 semester will soon come to a close and Commencement Exercises will take place for what is anticipated to be NJIT’s largest ever graduating class. It is an opportunity to reflect on some of the work and achievements of this past year, and to thank the many students, faculty, staff, alumni and Trustees who have participated in these initiatives:

  • 1st time NJIT’s enrollment exceeded 10,000 students
  • An additional 12 faculty were hired bringing the total new faculty hired for the past two year period to 36. The goal for fall 2014 is to increase the number of new faculty to 50.
  • NJIT named #1 in the nation by for value—tuition paid vs. starting salary upon graduation
  • Design of Shared Governance was completed and approved by the Board of Trustees
  • Launch of the New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII), a corporation of NJIT to work seamlessly with business and industry.

I also want to take this opportunity to draw your attention to the significant progress we have made in formulating our vision for the future through strategic planning.

During July of 2013, initial discussions began on the next strategic plan for NJIT. With exemplary leadership provided by Provost Fadi Deek and Professor Norbert Elliot during the following months, we were able to form committees of over 200 faculty, instructional staff, administrators, students, and board members. Drafts of a strategic plan were completed in March and April, and I am now reviewing the most recent draft of 2020 Vision: The NJIT Strategic Planning Initiative (2015-2020).

As you know, strategic planning is an essential element in the continuing evolution of our university. The strategic plan is designed to help us in adapting to a changing environment, create a cohesive vision for the future, be highly competitive, and provide a basis for allocating resources.

As is the case with all great state universities, we plan to play a major role in the state, region, and nation—a role that will have demonstrated international influence as well. As the preface to this plan, our strategic vision is clear:

As a public, technological research university, New Jersey Institute of Technology will prepare leaders to design the world of tomorrow through STEM education, applied research, technological innovation, career achievement, and societal engagement.

To achieve this vision, we will concurrently promote student success, excellence in teaching, faculty research, and university recognition. We will continue to make NJIT a place that all graduates will remember as a hallmark experience of their lives.

To assure broad community review, the strategic plan will next be reviewed by Board of Trustees on June 5.  Between that date and December, we will have the additional opportunity to refine our plans, create the ability to achieve them, and communicate our strategic direction to our many stakeholders. We will then be ready to launch our new plan during January 2015, with the firm conviction that our direction is clear and our commitment is certain.

As I review recommendations of colleagues regarding the future for NJIT, I realize how much we have accomplished together during the series of strategic plans that began in 2004. Strategic planning has led to truly remarkable accomplishments: the development of the College of Architecture and Design, the national reputation of the Department of Mathematical Sciences, growth of the Dorman Honors College, the largest solar telescope at Big Bear, CA, and significant research advancements in wireless communication, to mention just a few. Strategic planning has led to our ever-appreciating national rankings in research and intellectual property development, and has been part of our regional and program accreditation successes. 

I look forward to seeing many of you at Commencement.

With warmest best wishes,

Joel S. Bloom, President