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Sigma Xi
New Jersey Institute of Technology Chapter

Membership Information

For Information about Sigma Xi membership qualifications, click here.

Nominations to membership or associate membership are made by a faculty member or an established professional who is familiar with the nominee's research activity, for example the candidate's research advisor. The nomination form (in MS Word format) can be obtained at http://www.sigmaxi.org/member/join/nom.msword.htm. The completed nomination form should be sent, preferably by e-mail attachment, to Dr. Edwin Hou, at hou@njit.edu or to Dr. Andrew U. Meyer at meyer@njit.edu. In case of full membership nomination, a list of the candidate's publications should be appended to the nomination form (this is not required for associate membership nomination). The nominator should be a (full) member of Sigma Xi. However, the Chapter Board can also consider a recommendation for Sigma Xi membership from an established professional (e.g., faculty member) who is familiar with the nominee's research activity but who may not be a Sigma Xi member. In that case, a letter of recommendation should be appended to the nomination form and, if approved, the Chapter Boad will make the nomination.

Please keep your address information current! This applies especially for e-mail addresses. Any update of membership data including change of affiliation, address or e-mail changes, should be reported to Sigma Xi Headquarters. This can be done easily by clicking here.   Please note: All chapter announcements to our membership are done by e-mail. However, Sigma Xi cannot automatically forward updated member data to its chapters. Therefore, to avoid missing announcements it is essential that, in addition to updating with Headquarters, you also communicate any change to the chapter at meyer@njit.edu

For other questions contact the chapter president Dr. Edwin Hou, at hou@njit.edu or the chapter vice-president Dr. Andrew U. Meyer, at meyer@njit.edu

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