Ph.D Dissertations Supervised

1. Kung-E Cheng, Voting in Group Support Systems: Theory, Implementation and Results from an

    Exploratory Study, January 2009. Current position: Research Scientist, National Center for Transportation

    and Industrial Productivity (Advisor: F. Deek)

2. Ginny Baro Morsell, The Influence of Organizational and Information Systems Factors on the

    Effectiveness of Post-Merger Technology Integration, January 2009. Current position: Director of

    Technology Strategic Planning, Lord, Abbett & Co. LLC (Co-Advisors: A. Chakrabarti and F. Deek)

3. David Lubliner, Collaborative Learning Utilizing a Shared Knowledge Repository to Enhance Learning in

    Asynchronous Learning Environments, January 2009. Current position: University Lecturer, NJIT(Co-

    Advisors: G. Widmeyer and F. Deek)

4. Karen Hare, Perception Gaps and the Adoption of Information Technology in the Clinical Healthcare

    Environment, January 2008. Current position: KHare IT Consulting, Principal. (Co-Advisors: F. Deek and

    B. Whitworth)

5. Luyin Zhao, Exploratory Inspection – A User-based Learning Model for Improving Open Source Software

    Usability, May 2007 (Rutgers University). Current position: Chief Executive Officer, Romp n' Roll-China

    (Advisor: F. Deek)

6. Timothy Burns, A Collaborative, Hierarchical, Incremental, and Problem Solving Information Systems

    Development Model, January 2007. Current position: Associate Professor, Ramapo College. (Advisor: F.


7. Mojgan Mohtashami, The Antecedents and Impacts of Information Processing Effectiveness in Inter-

    Organizational Collaborative Software Development, October 2006 (Rutgers University). Current position:

    President, Advanced Infrastructure Design, Inc. (Co-Advisors: F. Deek and I. Im)

8. John Lacontora, Live, Virtual and Constructive Environments for Performance Support, January 2006.

    Current position: Associate Research Professor, Drexel University. (Co-Advisors: D. Mendonca and F.


9. Catherine Campbell, Negotiation of Software Requirements in an Asynchronous Environment, January

    2005. Current position: Senior Systems Engineer, Office of Acquisition, Department of Homeland Security.

    (Co-Advisors: F. Deek and B. Van de Walle)

10. Kyungsub Steve Choi, Discovery and Analysis of Influencing Factors of Pair Programming, May 2004.

      Current position: Assistant Professor, Rhode Island College. (Co-Advisors: F. Deek and I. Im)

11. Carlo Ciulla, Development and Characterization of Methodology and Technology for the Alignment of

      fMRI Time Series, May 02. Current position: Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University for

      Information Science and Technology, Saint Paul the Apostle Republic of Macedonia. (Advisor: F. Deek)

12. Joanna DeFranco-Tommarello, A Collaborative Problem Solving and Program Development Model, May

      02. Current position: Assistant Professor, Penn State-Great Valley. (Advisor: F. Deek)

13. Osama Eljabiri, Increasing Adolescent Interest in Computing through the Use of Social Cognitive Career

     Theory, December 2013 Current position: Senior University Lecturer, NJIT (Advisor: F. Deek)

14. Regina Collins, Assessing Learning Outcomes and Social Capital Formation Resulting from the Use

    and Sharing of Internet Knowledge Resources, May 2015. Current position: Associate Director of

    Writing, Communications, and Outreach, Albert Dorman Honors College, NJIT (Advisor: F. Deek)