Recent Research Projects

1. PI National Science Foundation, Computation and Communication: Promoting Research Integration in Science and Mathematics (C2PRISM), $3,253,470 (5 years). 2007. (R. Friedman, CP; B. Bukiet, CP).

The following are additional grants obtained to leverage the C2PRISM Project:

     1.1 CP The Roche Foundation, Expansion of Professional Development Workshop on Digital Learning
$10,000 (1 year). 2009 (B. Bukiet, PI; R. Friedman, CP; J. Lipuma, CP).

     1.2 CP The Roche Foundation, Encouraging High School Students to Pursue Degrees in Math and Science: Focus on Skills and Career Opportunities for College Mathematics and Science Majors,
          $10,000 (1 year). 2009 (B. Bukiet, PI; R. Friedman, CP; J. Lipuma, CP; E. Blitz, CP).

     1.3 CP Hyde and Watson Foundation, Mobile Science Teaching Laboratory, $15,000 (1 year) 2009. (E.
           Blitz, CP; B. Bukiet, CP; R. Friedman, PI).

     1.4 CP The Roche Foundation, Professional Development Workshop Employing Digital Learning Tools in Your Classroom: Using Probes, Sensors and Computer Learning Modules to Enhance Understanding of High School Mathematics and Science, $9,800 (1 year) 2009. (E. Blitz, CP; B.
           Bukiet, CP; R. Friedman, PI; J. Lipuma CP).

2. CP NJ Department of Education, Tech Prep for Information Technology, $63,000 (3 years). 2004.
    (Subcontract from Brookdale Community College; M. Qaissaunee, PI; R. Friedman, CP)

3. PI The Martinson Foundation, The Computing and Information Technology Education Initiative, $150,000
    (3 years). 2003. (R. Friedman and J. McHugh, CP)

4. PI IBM Watson Research Center, The JETT (Java Engagement for Teacher Training) Project at NJIT,
    $15,000 (1 year). 2002.

5. PI Lucent Technologies Foundation, Undergraduate Research in Information Technology: An Honors
    Experience Model
, $100,000 (1 year). 2001. (R. Friedman, CP)

6. PI New Jersey Commission on Higher Education, New Jersey Information–Technology Opportunities for the Workforce, Education, and Research (NJ I-TOWER), $2,500,000 (3 years). 2000. (N. Ansari, CP)

7. PI Lucent Technologies Foundation, Computing and Composition: Common Skills, Common Process,
    $125,000 (1 year). 2000 (R. Friedman, CP).