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Online Articles on Work/Life Balance

  • Balancing Faculty Careers and Family Work, Academe Online, November-December 2004 (Volume 90, Number 6), featuring:
    • Do Babies Matter? (Part II) Closing the Baby Gap by Mary Ann Mason and Marc Goulden
    • Hitting the Maternal Wall by Joan C. Williams
    • Balancing Work and Family for Faculty: Why Its Important by John W. Curtis
    • Developing and Implementing Work-Family Policies for Faculty by Beth Sullivan, Carol Hollenshead, and Gilia Smith
    • Fear Factor: How Safe Is It to Make Time for Family? by Kelly Ward and Lisa Wolf-Wendel
    • Family-Friendly Policies and the Research University by Kate Quinn, Sheila Edwards Lange, and Steven G. Olswang
    • Working Part Time After Tenure by Sharon Lobel
    • A tenured professor makes the case for working part-time.
  • How Babies Alter Careers for Academics by Robin Wilson
  • Do Babies Matter? The Effect of Family Formation on the Lifelong Careers of Academic Men and Women by Mary Ann Mason and Marc Goulden
  • Balancing Family and Academic Work in AAUP Issues in Higher Education
  • Robert Drago. In Striking A Balance: Work, Family, Life. Boston: Dollars and Sense, 2007.

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